Denise's Bridal Bouquet - original painting

Love Notes

Pet Portraits

“Oh my goodness! You have completely captured his happy-go-lucky personality! I’m blown away. It’s funny when you see other’s beautiful paintings of their pets — but when it’s your’s it’s just remarkable how you capture the personality on canvas!”
– L.F. of Falls Church, Virginia

“I have to tell you that these portraits of Luke and Mr. Kitty Cat are just beyond all expectations…I mean, I am very particular when it comes to anything creative like art or design…I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like. Your work is just inspiring, truly. All of your paintings literally appear alive and breathing on the canvas… You capture the image and create an intimacy and warmth that results in a simply breathtaking final piece. With the pet paintings in particular, you somehow are able to convey the “soul” of the animal. Amazing. Simply amazing. You have a gift. ”
– P.B. of Indianapolis, Indiana

“I keep sitting down to tell you how much I love it — but there really aren’t words. You did a beautiful job.”
– C.G. of Richmond, Virginia

“Thank you SO MUCH for my portrait of Mosby. My mom gave it to me for Christmas and I couldn’t be more thrilled. You did such a wonderful job capturing Mosby’s sweet and funny nature. I will treasure this forever.”
– A.K. of Ashburn, Virginia

“I think it is perfect! Blown away! And I like your color choices…I NEVER would have thought of the green for MKK, but it is PERFECT…one, that is my favorite color…two, it is amazing with his dark features! Your art is really amazing.”
– P.B. of Indianapolis, Indiana

“You’ve captured Bonnie very well and it’s great! Thank you so much for your hard work on this. My daughter will be thrilled.”
– M.G. of Richmond, Virginia

“My mom was beyond thrilled, she was floored!”
– A.H. of Bear, Delaware

“It’s soooo good!! It looks just like him. We all absolutely love it.”
– J.S. of McLean, Virginia

“This portrait means more to me than words can say. Thank you so much for capturing his essence and his joyful way in this painting.”
– D.B. of Reston, Virginia

“It is identical to her! The picture captures her mischievous yet charming nature.”
– L.D. of Richmond, Virginia

“I wish you could have seen the look on my in-laws’ faces when they unwrapped Bella’s portrait! They could get over how perfectly you captured her personality, and kept saying, “Has Erica met Bella before?” They immediately started thinking of other animal lovers they know and how they wanted to commission you to paint those pets too. I was only too happy to show them your business card and brochure. They now have the tough decision of picking where in their house to hang this original, one-of-a-kind work of art. The perfect gift!”
– A.H. of Bear, Delaware

“What really strikes me in person is the subtlety of how the various brush strokes make up her coat. It really brings home the artistry of your painting ability… there is something almost intangible about having the original in your possession.”
– S.T. of North Richland Hills, Texas

“The pet portrait is even more gorgeous in person. The depth, clarity and subtle traits that you captured are truly outstanding. I absolutely adore it. You are first-class all the way!”
– P.B. of Indianapolis, Indiana

“When my husband opened his surprise birthday gift, he was absolutely blown away! I can’t recommend Erica enough. If you ridiculously love your pet, you must get one of these.”
– L.C. of Ellicott City, Maryland

“The painting is everything I expected. When I gave it to my husband, and he opened it, we both had tears in our eyes. Your work is gorgeous.”
– K.S. of Farmington Hills, Michigan

“He looks amazing!”
– E.M. of Apopka, Florida


Bridal Bouquet Paintings

“Ever since I first saw Erica’s wedding bouquets I secretly hoped that my husband would have her paint my bouquet one day. For our five year wedding anniversary this year he gave me a card letting me know that’s exactly what he had done. I was thrilled. When it was time to see the finished painting I was amazed, it was absolutely perfect and just as beautiful as my real bouquet one the day we got married.”
– S.A. of Reston, Virginia

“Erica, I cannot describe what it means to me! I love your work and I love flowers so my bridal bouquet was extra special to me and to have a painting of it which captures it so exactly and which I can look at forever is amazing. It’s a very special and personal gift which I will treasure forever.”
– D.H. of Belfast, Northern Ireland

“It’s a beautiful painting and they love the piece!”
– A.G. of Reston, Virginia

“The painting is exceptional! Thank you so much Erica. This is a memory for life and our mom said it was the best gift she has ever received. I will never forget her reaction when she opened it – truly magic.”
– A.V.P of Gothenburg, Sweden

“It looks beautiful! You do such great work, and a painting is such a great memento to have beause I loved my bouquet so much. I love your work so much I ordered my best friend one for her wedding, too!”
– L.C. of Middletown, New Jersey

“The bridal bouquet Erica painted for me is stunning.  Bouquets are one the one thing from weddings that are so easily lost and this painting not only preserves the memory, but showcases the true beauty and elegance it represented on my wedding day. I can’t thank Erica enough for the time and effort she invested in this painting.  She is an extremely talented artist, and a caring and thoughtful person.”
– D.M. of Ashburn, Virginia

“Thank you so much for your amazing work. The painting is absolutely gorgeous and it’s almost 3D – the flowers just pop off of the canvas. My wife was ecstatic and we’re so thrilled we can’t wait to commission another piece.”
– E.S. of Seattle, Washington

“The painting is amazing and makes a perfect first anniversary gift.  My wife was completely surprised to see her bouquet on canvas!  She loves the detail of the flowers and the vibrant background which make this piece truly unique.  Erica does phenomenal work and is a pleasure to work with.”
– C.L. of Arlington, Virginia

“We absolutely love it! It’s perfect! Nancy loved it! It brought tears to her eyes. She was blown away by its elegance and beauty! She loved that it was so personal and sentimental. She said she couldn’t believe we had done this for her. Thank you for creating such a magical experience for her 70th birthday!”
– P.M. of Great Falls, Virginia

“Thank you so much! It is so beautiful and I can’t stop looking at it. This is such a thoughtful gift!”
– E.M.H of Falls Church, Virginia

“The painting looks wonderful!! It looks even better than I thought it would!”
– S.L. of Stafford, Virginia

“It’s gorgeous! You are an amazing artist. Ordering the painting from Sweden was super easy. I’m in love! I can’t wait to hang it on my wall and look at it all day long!”
– M.M. of Stockholm, Sweden

“I’m thrilled with the painting!! Not only is this a wonderful way to preserve the bridal bouquet, it’s also a great work of art to display in your home. Thank you again for an amazing gift!”
– L.A. of Springfield, Virginia

“Erin was very surprised and elated when she saw the painting.  We are both absolutely blown away every time we look at the painting.  You really did a fantastic job, it looks exactly like her bouquet, and the use of the gray/blue background really makes all the colors of the flowers pop, they are so crisp.  You really nailed it and we are so happy we will have this to display in our home for years and years!”
– S.P. of Denver, Colorado

“It looks amazing! I just wanted to say thank you again, you were wonderful to work with and I’m so happy to have this as a reminder of our wedding day.”
– J.H. of Brandenburg, Kentucky

“I am so proud to have my bridal bouquet done as a painting by you. It is absolutely wonderful. What a romantic Valentine’s Day surprise from my husband!”
– C.E. of Vienna, Virginia

“I cannot thank you enough, I love it more than words can say. This beautiful painting transports me back to my wedding day, when I held those fragrant flowers in my hand before walking down the aisle. More than a simple photo ever could, this painting will forever capture that precious moment for me. In your painting, I swear the bouquet is even more beautiful than I remember.”
– A.H. of Bear, Delaware


Modern Art

“The painting looks incredible on our wall Erica. You did a beautiful job and we couldn’t be more pleased.”
– E.W. of Sterling, Virginia

“It is even more amazing than I had imagined. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. It’s so soft and light looking. You truly have a talent.”
– L.I. of Rockville, Maryland

“It’s even more lovely in person. Really, thank you so much. We’re lucky to have worked with you.”
– A.M. of Wichita, Kansas

“My “Sunflower Rising” tripdych is the star of my living room.  The first few days after you delivered it, I just sat and stared at it.  The colors are so vibrant and inviting and complement my décor perfectly.  I love how the three pieces work so well together…but I also love how each canvas, individually, is a piece of art on its own.  What I love how you listened to what I wanted and came up with this beautiful piece to meet—and exceed—all of my expectations.  My art was created with talent, dedication, insightfulness, vision, and love.  Anyone who looks at “Sunflower Rising” can see that.   (I especially like how new visitors to my home always gaze at my artwork longingly).
– R.M. of McLean, Virginia

“It is BEAUTIFUL!! Your work is truly one of a kind! The painting is a hit with the family! Everyone loves your use of bold colors, and my daughter said that the painting makes her happy!”
– G. L. of Midlothian, Virginia

“I truly love it. Thank you so much. I have put in near my desk so I can see it all day as I work. When we have our own house, I will make sure I place it up front and center. I love it that much.”
– A.C. of Herndon, Virginia

Painting Classes

“This was just the best afternoon!! What fun- and I cant believe I created something which I will actually hang on the wall. Would love to do this again- many thanks!!”
– L.F.

“So impressed [with our paintings]! What a testament to the guidance of our fab teacher!!”
– A.M.

“Thank you Erica for a wonderful experience! It was so nice to have such a gifted teacher!”
– M.D.

“I did this event and I highly recommend it. Both exciting and relaxing at one time. I created a lovely painting, while giggling with the Girls and sipping a Mimosa. Am definitely doing this again!!”
– C.H.

“I had a BALL! I strongly recommend taking advantage of one of these events. This was my first time painting and I learned so much during the three hours, and I plan to return with a friend next time. Erica is a great host and teacher!”
– A.H.

“That was such a great day for me. That experience pushed me to use art to support my spirit.  Thanks for playing such a vital role in helping me to follow the call of my spirit and soul!”
– T.M.

“I had such a great time! I brought my bff as a belated bday present. We each have 3 kids and don’t get much time to ourselves. It was so great to have a creative outlet, benefit from Erica’s guidance in a low-pressure environment, enjoy the company, slurp on a fruity cocktail, and come away with a piece of art I was able to hang in my house! I pass by it every day and it fills me with joy! Thanks so much! I’ll probably sign up again and am definitely recommending to others.”
– F.D.

“I had a wonderful time! I’m happy with the way my painting turned out and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it. I enjoyed the creative outlet, doing something I don’t normally do, seeing all your artwork and relaxing with a lovely, fruity cocktail. I had so much fun!”
– S.S.