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This Saturday: Cocktails and Canvases


I'm so excited for Saturday's Cocktails and Canvases. I can't believe it's already here. The drink menu has been printed and cocktails include Mimosa (champagne and orange juice), Bellini (champagne and peach juice) and Kir Royale (champagne, chambord and raspberries). YUM! White wine and cucumber water will also be served. So excited!There's 1 seat left for the afternoon session and 3 seats left of the evening session. You can register online here:www.eventbrite.com/event/5270756976?ref=ebtnebregn Can't wait to see you!

This Saturday: Cocktails and Canvases2013-04-08T13:59:04-04:00

Photos from Cocktails and Canvases – April 6


Cheers to another successful and delicious Cocktails & Canvases! This fun group gathered at my home Saturday, ready and open for a creative time. We were swaying, and singing along to the music and chatting while making our masterpieces. What a fun group! We're missing Angela here who painted a yellow lotus. Aren't they all such fun pieces? Focused moments are mixed with laughter! I help when needed but honestly, even people who think they can't even draw stick [...]

Photos from Cocktails and Canvases – April 62013-04-10T18:12:29-04:00

Photos from Cocktails and Canvases


With only with 30 minutes to go before the first group of ladies arrived, Casey said "make sure to get rid of all the extra estrogen before I come back" (he spent the day at a distillery) and as on que, the Spice Girls started playing on the 90's Pop Spotify list and Katie-Beth and I broke out in dance. And that kinda set the tone for the rest of the day.  Armed with a cocktail in hand, [...]

Photos from Cocktails and Canvases2013-04-08T13:58:39-04:00

Photos from Cocktails & Canvases Nov 4


I hosted another monthly Cocktails & Canvases this past Sunday. We had such a blast I totally forgot to take "in-progress" photos! Thanks to the Fall time change I got an extra hour in the morning and printed up a storm in my studio before getting everything ready for the students. Casey always helps me a little, making sure the kitchen and powder-room are in order. Casey headed to watch the Redskin's game and I started my Spotify [...]

Photos from Cocktails & Canvases Nov 42013-11-05T10:07:58-05:00

006 – Art, Motherhood & Small Biz Talk with Michelle Armas Part 2


On this episode we are continuing our fika with Michelle Armas and talk about her creative process and how she’s protecting that creative mind of hers. If you haven’t listen to part 1 yet, I highly recommend it to follow this conversation better. Topics: Recap from Part 1 [0:55] Michelle shares how social media has attributed to her success [2:38] Introvert challenges, being brave and showing your art [7:42] Handling judgement [17:05] You could have done that [19:26] Signing your pieces [...]

006 – Art, Motherhood & Small Biz Talk with Michelle Armas Part 22022-10-23T15:00:35-04:00

Photos from Cocktails & Canvases May 4


The Spring Art Auction 2013 is coming towards the end, let's look back at some recent "Cocktails & Canvases". The May 4th Cocktails & Canvases went off without a hitch, accept a last minute cancellation.  I'm always excited when we have a packed house but oh well - nothing we can do about that. You know I love the drink menu right? Well, I must have been craving summer because I added mojitos to this event. And though [...]

Photos from Cocktails & Canvases May 42013-07-19T11:19:49-04:00

Sign Up for This Saturday’s Cocktails & Canvases


Lovelies, just a friendly reminder that there's still time to join me this Saturday for Cocktails & Canvases, 1-4pm. Registration closes tomorrow night. Click here to register. What is it?  A 3-hour painting event in my cozy home in Reston, Virginia. All materials are provided, including the very same paint tubes and brushes I use. What to expect? This is a fun, relaxed and laid-back environment. With no right or wrong way of being creative. Music will be playing [...]

Sign Up for This Saturday’s Cocktails & Canvases2013-09-30T14:40:25-04:00

Photos from Cocktails & Canvases, Oct. 5


View the video above for a glimpse into what one of my Cocktails & Canvases painting events are like. Click here if the video isn't working above. Saturday's Cocktails & Canvases was so fun to host. We had a full group which started as a normal event but until mid-day Friday I decided to make the event FREE to everyone. Why?  Well, the government shutdown is affecting everyone, but especially in and around the DC area where so many [...]

Photos from Cocktails & Canvases, Oct. 52013-10-08T13:52:37-04:00
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