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Watercolors for LiveLikeYou


For those who follow the Studio knows I do art for LiveLikeYou.com. The soon-to-launch shopping site will feature renderings of the rooms on LiveLikeYou and I add watercolor to these renderings! Get a sneakpeak of what this process looks like - from start to finish - on LiveLikeYou's blog!

Watercolors for LiveLikeYou2022-10-23T14:53:32-04:00

LiveLikeYou Entries


Aloha Chic Entry I have so many favorite LiveLikeYou renderings so let’s go over them over the next few days while we’re enjoying the 25% OFF SALE. And let’s start with the entry ways, with my absolute favorite leading the way above. […]

LiveLikeYou Entries2022-10-23T15:00:07-04:00

LiveLikeYou eBay Auctions


Hey guys, I cleaned out the studio a week ago and found a bunch of awesome LiveLikeYou.com prints. Remember my partnership with Jill Sorensen and how we used to do these together? Anyways, I'm ending production on these darlings so 25 prints are available to bid on! Currently, 21 are up on ebay starting at $0.99 http://bit.ly/1fREvdB These glimpses into interior design rooms are fun to hang together or as a solo treat to a kitchen or powder room. I [...]

LiveLikeYou eBay Auctions2015-11-15T11:05:22-05:00

LiveLikeYou Prints on Sale


We’re kicking off 2014 with a fun and inspiration sale. I love these fun interior design renderings, such happy and intriguing interior designs. Framed in the above photo is the Recessionista Living Room and the Aloha Chic Entry (interested in purchasing these 2 framed prints? Click here.) The original paintings were a collaboration with Jill Sorensen which started several years ago when a friend of mine was reading Jill’s blog and her need for original artists. My friend [...]

LiveLikeYou Prints on Sale2022-10-23T15:00:05-04:00

Renderings: Aloha Chic


{Welcome home! The entry in LiveLikeYou.com's newest personality, Aloha Chic.} LiveLikeYou.com recently introduced another interior design personality on its site. This one is a combination of retro island chic with Hawaiian inspired prints and old world flair.  I love all the entry ways that Jill designs. I mean, how happy would you be when the first time you see every time you come home is a pink chair and a green parrot? To be honest, I kinda want [...]

Renderings: Aloha Chic2022-10-23T14:59:55-04:00

Exciting News! Ready to start living like you?


Exciting news! www.LiveLikeYou.com launched today!! {Embrace your individuality and celebrate who you are in your home. Start living like you today!} Jill is a wonderful person, truly kind hearted and really funny! She has great passion for helping others be happier in their lives.After 1,5 years and many months of overdue, Jill Sorensen has finally launched Live.Like.You. The site is all about finding your interior design that matches YOUR PERSONALITY and not picking furniture based on a brand [...]

Exciting News! Ready to start living like you?2022-10-23T14:59:53-04:00
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