What’s Going on in the Studio?

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Besides the eBay auction (listings ends around Noon eastern time), I just wrapped up a pet portrait as a birthday present from a client for a wife and have started working on a couple of more pet portraits that are also gifts. Casey and I are also in the process of making some new limited editions that will be available at the 2 Generation show on May 3. Anyways, since I really can't show you any glimpses of [...]

Tulips for His Sweetheart

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Last year for my anniversary Michael purchased my favorite painting. During all of this gloomy weather "Tulips" reminds of the beauty that will come with warmer weather. It brightens my living room and my life daily! - W.W. of Virginia She had been eyeing those tulips for a long time, and now they are hers. What a sweet husband. Do you have an "Eriksdotter" print or painting at home? Feel free to pin it to this board. I [...]

Changes for 2014 – Bringing Back Balance

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Changes are coming to the studio and my life I should say, as symbolically demonstrated by Lola in the above photo when I tried to add another thing in the calendar… It takes a lot of planning and organization, for sure, to keep up with a very busy commission schedule and keeping the studio interesting and constantly moving in the right direction. I paint as soon as I get home from my day-job, and I paint anywhere from [...]

Lovely Denise with her Bridal Bouquet

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A customer from the U.K. shared this lovely photo taken on Valentine's Day with me. Remember Denise's Bridal Bouquet that her husband of one year commissioned? Such a darling story with a bit of a stressful ending. All ended well and it looks fabulous in their living room in their new home, don't you think? Do you have a photo of an "Eriksdotter"? I'd love to see it in your home! See other customer photos in this Pinterest [...]

I’m Colorblind

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A man in his mid-20's quickly walked into my booth during an art show in Richmond several years ago. He viewed several pieces up close before turning to me, bubbling over with happiness and said: I'm completely colorblind, but I can "see" your colors! I can appreciate your art because I can "feel" the intensity of your colors. Thank you! I doubt I'll ever forget how grateful that comment made me feel. Grateful for being able to bring [...]

Best of 2013

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It’s funny how we so quickly forget everything we managed to pack into a year. I ran through the best of 2012 and best of 2012: bridal bouquets (with the best of intentions to do a best of 2012: pet portraits that apparently fell to the way side)… now let’s see what 2013 had in store: A New Website! 2013 many big changes, including a new (professionally built) website with built-in e-commerce which allows me to host my own shop and accept [...]