I have white dresses, sparkling shoes and bridal flowers on my mind! This week, Sweden’s Crown Princess is getting married and boy is it more than a family affair! All the royal families of Europe will gather in Stockholm and Swedes will share their joy on the streets and infront of the TV sets. It’s special.


Maybe it’s more special to a royal fan like myself who tear up every time I watch Crown Prince Fredrik of Denmark’s speech to his new wife or follow all the blogs who covers the fashion, jewelry and the history around the European royal houses. I’m a sucker and I just can’t wait to devour every hour of this wedding!

Valentino shoes {Style Me Pretty} What dress will she wear? What will her hair look like? Which crown will she pick and what flowers will be shaping her bridal bouquet? I’m so curious and I can’t wait to find out! Maybe she’ll find an original painting of it in the mail some day soon…

I’ll also be taking notes this week as I’m planning my own wedding! Our wedding will have an American ceremony and a Swedish reception to join our cultures together. Maybe I can get some ideas from this wedding (as if the wedding blogs I read and having been to my friend’s weddings are not enough). 🙂 Notes it is!

Here’s to love! Skål!