{Me next to the Large Pink+Gray}

Casey snapped this photo recently as a promotional photo… with my iPhone! I had forgotten to bring my camera! Luckily, iPhone cameras has pretty high resolutions these days so I think it looks OK. Fairly nice and relaxed. What do you think – should I replace the top photo on my about page with this one?

Everybody seems to love this big burst of pink when they enter my booth so I figured I’d share some not before seen photos of it. It’s usually this one or the other large one that they notice first. They get equal amount of attention.

I really like this one and I think it fits perfectly in my dining room next to the family Mora clock when I don’t bring it to art shows. Of course it would fit even better in someone elses house but in the mean time I like the very modern against the very old. I’ll miss it when it’s gone but will gladly see it go (what an odd relationship I have with my own art).

{pieces in your home should represent who you are. I love the modern painting with the old grandfather clock which has been in my family for generations, against the very cottage-like side table}

When I’m not taking photos of my art, there’s a dining table in front the chase (aka fainting  couch) which I’m in the process of refinishing. I finished half of it last summer and plan to pick it up again this week. I’ll share some photos along the way.

The floors will be switched out eventually, as will the baseboards… Home ownership is always one step at a time but you want to do everything at once.

I’m typing up my newsletter today and applying for a few shows. I’m also hoping to have time to start a new painting. Have a fantastic day!