My realistic custom pet portraits have been featured wildly in the press including Washington Post, My Modern Met and on national and global television. Grief counselors say my process help my customers work through losing a pet and the waitlist for a commission is long. Now there’s another way to work with me, choose a course below and say yes to expanding your creativity today.

My Top-Secret List of Acrylic Art Supplies

Whether you’re new to painting or have been painting for years, this list will help you paint like a pro.

Knowing what to get to start will help you save time, money, and frustration.

Buying quality supplies will not only benefit you and your wallet in the long run, but it will help reduce waste, which is also good for the environment.


8-Day Painting Challenge

Gently tap into your own creativity, joy, and wellbeing. This challenge helps you tune into the whispers of inspirations and creativity in your daily life. 

Whether you feel disconnected from your creative side, have painted for years, are just starting out, or you’re simply new to acrylics, the 8-day painting challenge is the perfect place to unwind and be inspired.


How to Paint a Dog Portrait Course


Perfect for all skill levels.

In this 11-week course, you’ll learn how to paint a dog portrait step-by-step. Beyond the traditional online art learning experience, we’ll develop your full skillset, expand your artist mindset and emotional wellbeing to elevate your artistry. You’ll come away with a pet portrait that you’ll be proud to share, new techniques ready to apply on your next portrait, and tools to support you as an artist as you expand your artistry.