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Texas bound

A ton of art is going to Texas today. So happy to ship out an origional painting and 10 prints! 
Texas bound2016-10-18T14:53:21+00:00

Work in progress

Progress is slow with a newborn but oh so rewarding.
Work in progress2016-10-18T14:54:23+00:00

Tulips found a home

These original tulip pieces found a new home recently and the customer shared this lovely photo of them. Looking good! 
Tulips found a home2016-10-18T14:52:11+00:00

Treasured my time in the studio today – my first time in a while.

Sale – a different type of bouquet

45% off SALE! “Spots of Color” – a different type of bouquet. Now $792 instead of $1,440. Check out the shop! 
Sale – a different type of bouquet2016-09-21T08:47:41+00:00

Sale! 45% off lots of art

S A L E!! 45% off lots of art! Check out the shop for all items on sale. 

Ending production of all notecards and prints – inventory is what’s currently available in the studio! (1 to 5 of each print).

Also discontinuing these limited editions on canvas!! Selling for $272 instead of $495! One of each left. 

Sale! 45% off lots of art2016-09-19T08:58:20+00:00

Jess’ work in progress

I loved working on Jess’ bridal bouquet earlier this Summer, and I’m itching to paint another one. 

The painting was commissioned as a birthday gift from a friend. My clients are the most thoughtful people. I will share the final once I get it posted here on the site. 

Jess’ work in progress2016-09-18T14:05:40+00:00

Original Painting: Fanny’s Portrait


When I opened this Christmas present from my husband, I said out loud, “Oh, it’s  a  portrait of a bulldog.” And then I took a closer look and said, “It’s a portrait on MY bulldog!” I immediately burst into tears. This exact likeness of my baby girl is I think one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. I will treasure it always.” – M.L. of Virginia

Fanny’s portrait is an original painting commissioned by a client in Virginia who wanted to surprise his wife for Christmas with a portrait of their new French Bulldog. The client shared with me that Fanny is a joy to be around but that she has a “perpetual disgruntled” look on her face!


Original Painting: Fanny’s Portrait2016-05-13T10:41:11+00:00

Fika Podcast 015 – Dissing on Pregnancy with Caroline Elliot

graphic_fikapodcast_ep15What if being pregnant isn’t really your thing, and it actually triggers depression as you can’t relate to the changes your body is going through? Caroline Elliot is back and sharing her experience of ‘hating being pregnant’ which was just the start of her postpartum depression that lasted over a year. Grab your cup of tea for an honest and lighthearted discussion over some fika.


  1. Hating being pregnant and keeping it inside [00:02:47]

  2. Not relating to any of it [00:04:44]

  3. Annoyed and lost [00:12:03]

  4. Not saying anything [00:14:18]

  5. Depression triggers during pregnancy [00:18:41]

  6. Listened to my own self [00:27:33]


Fika Podcast 015 – Dissing on Pregnancy with Caroline Elliot2016-05-06T14:10:41+00:00

Original Painting: Grandmother’s Lily of the Valley

Grandmother's Lily of the Valley_front

Again, THANK YOU!  I can’t adequately express in words how much this means to my family.” – K.C. of Reston, Virginia

Often, commissions are much more than a business exchange. They are art created to heal, honor and pay respect to the past and the future while expressing gratitude for and in the now. Many of my clients reach out to me to heal the loss of a pet, or to celebrate love in the form of a bridal bouquet. “Grandmother’s Lily of the Valley” is about a piece commissioned by a loving daughter and a son who wanted to give their mom something very special.


Original Painting: Grandmother’s Lily of the Valley2016-04-29T18:13:53+00:00