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FIKA Podcast 014 – Amy’s Self-Healing from Cancer

graphic for fikapodcast_14Amy McCabe is joining me again for fika to discuss her self-healing journey from a rare form of cancer that has shaped the rest of her life. While serious, this episode is uplifting and may be inspirational for those facing challenges and figuring out otherwise to find resolution.


  1. Something wasn’t right [00:02:53]
  2. Opting out of western medicine [00:08:14]
  3. The Gerson Therapy Technique [00:11:27]
  4. Cancer is more than a physical disease [00:16:47]
  5. The next stage of healing [00:20:00]
  6. Amy’s life today [00:28:35]
  7. How cancer changed her musical performance [00:34:53]
  8. Meaning to life [00:38:04]


FIKA Podcast 014 – Amy’s Self-Healing from Cancer2016-04-11T15:48:40+00:00

Joining the Motherhood


Even at an early age, I knew I never wanted to have children. It was never a question in my mind. Just wasn’t my thing. I knew I wanted to follow my drive of building a career, owning my business and creating/evolving as a human. I married a man who was of similar mindset and we looked forward to growing old together – exploring the world and collecting adventures – just the two of us.

It’s a good thing you are allowed to change your mind.


Joining the Motherhood2016-04-29T21:42:43+00:00

FIKA PODCAST 013 – Spiritual House Cleansing with Cherie Young

In this episode we are having fika with Cherie Young, a masterful healer and teacher, and talking house cleansing and the importance of cleaning both on a physical and an energetic level. She shares lots of different examples from the little girl with night terror, to the remodeling jobs that were completely trashed and the transformations cleansing has made.


  1. About Cherie and that biz card [00:01:51]
  2. What is healing and how to pick your healer [00:05:07]
  3. What is spiritual house cleansing? [00:08:48]
  4. The remodel jobs were being completely trashed [00:14:56]
  5. The space holds the frequencies of the trauma [00:17:02]
  6. Every night they hear the horse carriage [00:23:41]
  7. Taking responsibility for our emotions heals the world [00:26:09]
  8. House cleansing beyond physical structures [00:27:29]
  9. Cleansing long distance [00:29:21]
  10. The ‘hitchhiker’ from the bar [00:35:27]
  11. Visits from our loved ones [00:41:14]
  12. But what about our loved ones who have passed? [00:41:14]


FIKA PODCAST 013 – Spiritual House Cleansing with Cherie Young2016-03-22T18:30:33+00:00

Fika Podcast 012 – Cat and Small Biz Talk with I HAVE CAT

In this episode we are having fika with Tamar Arslanian of the successful cat blog I HAVE CAT. How did it become a success, what opportunities has it led to and what have been the key to success for it?graphic for fikapodcast 012


  1. How a passion grew into nearly 100K followers [00:01:28]
  2. Social media matters for small businesses [00:13:33]
  3. Cats, the gateway animal [00:19:36]
  4. Opportunities and name dropping [00:21:03]
  5. Cat medical advice [00:26:02]
  6. The key to Tamar’s success [00:29:01]
  7. Tamar’s take on Cat Café’s and rescue orgs [00:31:10]
  8. How cats have changed Tamar [00:37:21]
  9. What’s Pet Minded? [00:39:35]
  10. A small place will be a castle for a rescue pet [00:42:07]


Fika Podcast 012 – Cat and Small Biz Talk with I HAVE CAT2016-03-12T11:19:17+00:00

Fika podcast – 011 The Life of a Premier Female Trumpet Player

How do you become a full-time musician playing at the White House? What does it take and how do you get there? In this graphic for Fikapodcast 011episode we’re having fika with Amy McCabe, a full-time professional trumpet player in a premier military band.


  1. Amy’s White House responsibilities vs. Childhood dream [00:01:30]
  2. Getting a full-time job in music [00:05:42]
  3. The drive, the auditions and shifting your mindset for success [00:10:44]
  4. Music is cathartic [00:17:29]
  5. Spreading joy while touring [00:21:31]
  6. It’s totally different every day [00:24:52]
  7. Inspiration for budding musicians [00:29:43]
  8. Go see live music! [00:32:44]


Fika podcast – 011 The Life of a Premier Female Trumpet Player2016-03-12T11:19:59+00:00

010 – Discernment Exercise with Colette Chase

In this episode we’re continuing to learn about discernment with Colette Chase and will go over two helpful exercises to hone our skills.graphic for fikapodcast 010


  1. Upcoming Workshops and Recap of Discernment [00:00:44]
  2. Alignment Exercise – Ground-Source-Center-Sphere [00:02:36]
  3. Find Present Time [00:13:29]
  4. What are the Scales and how do we learn how to discern with them? [00:16:30]
  5. True with a Capital T or small t [00:19:44]
  6. The Numbers and The Different Scales [00:27:04]
  7. Discernment Exercise – Scale [00:37:33]
  8. Just because you know an answer doesn’t mean you should go say it [00:55:39]


010 – Discernment Exercise with Colette Chase2016-03-12T11:20:40+00:00

009 – Facing Health Crises As a Young Mother

graph_009_fikapodcastIn this episode we’re talking with Linda Makarov who experienced two life changing health issues at the age of 35 (stroke and cancer) – the same age her own mother had terminal brain cancer. We are sharing her happy outcome today.


  1. We might need tissues [00:41]
  2. How Linda ended up in the U.S. [01:46]
  3. Take us back to age 12 [05:14]
  4. Healthy + Active = stroke. Say what? [11:16]
  5. Signs of a stroke [21:27]
  6. Life ends between 35 and 40, right? [24:22]
  7. Seeing life through your mother’s eyes [37:39]
  8. Changing my story [45:16]


009 – Facing Health Crises As a Young Mother2016-03-12T11:04:14+00:00

008 – Art and Life with Melissa Townsend

epsisode_8_graphicIn this episode we’re talking with Melissa Townsend about her life as a successful full time artist and just kind of figure out her life and how much art means to her and how she chooses to paint and what she paints and how she lives her life.


  1. Melissa and her Art [00:01:41]

  2. How does she do it? [00:03:28]

  3. Why being creative is a necessity [00:10:28]

  4. A typical day for a full time artist [00:12:55]

  5. A glimpse into her studio [00:18:52]

  6. Commissioned work and live painting at events [00:22:35]

  7. Advice for someone in hamster wheel [00:32:37]

  8. Where can people find Melissa [00:38:55]


008 – Art and Life with Melissa Townsend2016-03-12T11:05:05+00:00

007 – Discernment with Colette Chase

007 - discernment with colette chase imageColette Chase is back and this time talking about discernment. How do we sift through what’s real, what’s not real, what to pay attention to, what not to pay attention to?


  1. Listener mail [1:30]
  2. What is discernment? [4:30]
  3. How a message can be delivered [11:30]
  4. How to ask a question [20:47]
  5. Who are you getting the message from? [31:46]
  6. Talking to your Higher Self for answers [43:33]
  7. Direct connection to divinity [46:55]


007 – Discernment with Colette Chase2016-03-12T11:05:53+00:00

006 – Art, Motherhood & Small Biz Talk with Michelle Armas Part 2

006 - Art, Motherhood & Small Biz talk with Michelle Armas Part 2-graphicOn this episode we are continuing our fika with Michelle Armas and talk about her creative process and how she’s protecting that creative mind of hers. If you haven’t listen to part 1 yet, I highly recommend it to follow this conversation better.


  • Recap from Part 1 [0:55]
  • Michelle shares how social media has attributed to her success [2:38]
  • Introvert challenges, being brave and showing your art [7:42]
  • Handling judgement [17:05]
  • You could have done that [19:26]
  • Signing your pieces and what is ‘an Eriksdotter’? [22:19]
  • The sides of Michelle we never see [24:23]
  • The responsibilities of a small business [25:25]
  • How she protects her creative mind [32:01]
  • Hanging with who?  [33:52]


006 – Art, Motherhood & Small Biz Talk with Michelle Armas Part 22016-03-12T11:10:17+00:00