If you’re craving that social aspect that some painting events bring, why not host your own painting party with your favorite friends!?

I loved hosting my ‘Cocktails & Canvases’ painting parties many years ago. People with all skill-levels (or none!) enjoyed choosing one of my prints as their inspiration and picking paint colors and brushes from my own stash. These were fun and relaxing events that made long lasting memories.

I even had a music playlist, a fun cocktail menu and snacks!

These creative gatherings, whether in person or virtual, can contribute to our mental health and confidence. My students were amazed at the art and memories they took home.

One student said: “I created a lovely painting, while giggling with the girls and sipping a mimosa – definitely doing this again!!

Painting parties is a great option to escape the groundhog day we’ve been reliving the last couple of years and reconnecting with the friends we may not have seen for months (or years!). It’s also a great holiday season party idea, a couple’s night or to celebrate a birthday.

Interested in hosting a virtual painting party? I’m offering limited virtual painting parties that offer a fun-filled hour with me sharing easy instructions via zoom. Submit this form to receive more information.

Here’s what a hard-working mother shared with me: “I brought my bff as a belated bday present. We each have 3 kids and don’t get much time to ourselves…. I come away with a piece of art I’m able to hang in my house! I pass by it every day and it fills me with joy! Thanks so much!”

If you’re interested in hosting your own virtual painting party, here’s what you need:

  1. A date and time that works for you and your favorite friends
  2. An image that you’ll paint (make sure you pick one with a CC license)
  3. A fun wine or cocktail pairing

Here’s the supplies each painter will need on the day of the painting party:

  • 11×14 stretched canvas
  • Two paint brushes (one small and one larger)
  • Paint colors based on your selected image
  • Palette (paper plate work as well)
  • Paper towels
  • Apron

If you’re hosting in your home, highly recommend protecting your table with a plastic or paper table cloth. I reused mine for every event and secured it with some painters tape.

Fun virtual hostess ideas:

There are endless possibilities for how to make these parties extra fun and special, whether you and your friends are all virtual or throw a painting party in your own home with me on the laptop showing you every step of the way.

  1. Pick a theme: Pick an image of a sunflower in Tuscany, Italy, and have a drink menu of Aperol Spritz and Lemoncello paired with prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe topped with basil. That’s easy for every ‘painter’ to put together ahead of time.
  2. Do a porch drop off: If your friends are all local and you don’t mind driving, why not gather a few party treats and leave them on the doorstep before the painting event. How about a miniature bottle of champagne with a bag of microwave popcorn and salted cashews?
  3. Personalized birthday menu: To make any celebration more special, put together a personalized drink and snack menu with the reason for the celebration as the title. This will definitely set the tone.

I’m offering limited virtual painting parties so grab your favorite gals for a fun-filled hour to catch up and with me sharing easy instructions via zoom. All you need to do is find a date and time that works and I’ll send an email out with an introduction, suggested supply list, and pick your drink pairing or theme.

On our scheduled date, you’ll just get to sit back and enjoy an hour of painting while making a new memory with your friends – and a painted keepsake.

Submit this form and I’ll email you back more information on how to get started.