The colder and darker days can make it tempting to forgo our painting projects for couch sitting and binge watching shows.

To prioritize my own painting practice and to keep reveling in what I love and what I want more of – I up the coziness in the studio to bring balance into my life. This allows me to create even during the darkest of days.

3 Ways to Bring Coziness to the Creative Process

Something warm to drink:

By the time I walk into the studio in the morning, I’m on my third cup of Earl Gray. After that I switch to herbal tea and this Blueberry Merlot blend tastes extra luxurious with the Winter Solstice around the corner. For an evening painting session I love a cup of hot Stinging Nettle to keep me going.

Make sure you don’t mistake your tea for your paint water! It’s a thing, and yes, it happens all the time.

A warm glow:

If the winter weather and warmth of tea doesn’t bring the cozy, the extra warm glow of candlelight is sure to do the trick. There’s something about the warm glow of candlelight in the winter, even during the day. In the studio I often have my old hand carved stone diffuser lit (similar to this one) with a few drops of Frankincense. It fills the area around the easel with earthy and sweet tones that feels like a warm embrace.

I’m eagerly awaiting my newest studio addition, this single antique brass candlestick holder from my artist friend Lindsay King’s latest Alter Atelier release.

Warm feet + good read:

There’s nothing better than warm feet and a good read. Maybe it’s because I’m Swedish but I love wearing raggsockor (heavy and durable knitted socks) indoors during the winter months. My whole body stays a bit warmer when my feet are warm and it just feels extra cozy with another cushioned layer when I sit and paint. I’ve been wearing these for the last ten winters.

I love listening to audiobooks while I paint and recently finished Shady Hollow by Juneau Black (narrated by my favorite Cassandra Campbell). The series is perfect for the season with its village of woodland creatures and a bit of murder and mayhem.

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