Someone asked me recently how I can paint realistic pet portraits every day. They asked me about self-doubt, the elusive creative flow and finding the time. We all go through that.

I invite you to recognize those feelings as a signal to learn and to gain more skills. Not to stop painting.

It’s a choice that we make to sit down and paint. None of the realistic pet portraits on my long waitlist would get done if I asked myself every day: do I feel like painting today?

Click the video to learn how I bring balance to my creativity so I can paint every day.

I know you can do this. I know you can bring balance to your creativity. I know you can create a painting practice. I know you can paint pets. I know you can become a commissioned pet portrait painter.

I’ll be here, guiding you along the way to choose to show up for yourself because your art is needed.

My painting practice supports me. It nurtures me. I love serving my clients and leading them to a place of healing. I love changing my students’ lives and being your encouraging voice – you can do it. I want to make a difference. And I choose to serve in this way.

You’ll see this heart in the upcoming How to Paint a Dog Portrait online course. It’s a fantastic way to turn your creative desire to paint into becoming a commissioned pet portrait painter. 

You are so loved, and you are more than enough. 

I’m cheering you on. Always.

With love and encouragement,