Shipment to the Swedish Royal Court

It’s not every day you ship something to a royal court, and I’m so happy this is finally happening.

Sweden's Crownprincess Victoria's bridal bouquet painting

I painted the Royal Bridal Bouquet a couple of years ago to celebrate the wedding of Sweden’s Crown Princess. You can read all about it here. I was holding out hope to actually go to the Castle and drop it off myself. It just wasn’t happening so I decided to ship it in time for their wedding anniversary on June 19th.

note to the crownprincesscouple

It was hard figuring out how to write everything I wanted to share with them – of how meaningful it had been for me to watch their wedding and how the nation celebrated. I remember always watching the royal events on TV growing up and to me, they are a symbol of home to me.

It’s also interesting to write “proper” Swedish…. it took me a few drafts.

boxes with bridal bouquet paintings

So now it’s on its way! Together with another bridal bouquet painting heading closer to home, to southern Virginia, it was shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Join me in wishing it safe travels! Fingers crossed it will get to Sweden, through customs and to the Royal Castle in Stockholm before June 19th without any problems, and that the Crown Princess couple will love it!