{my weekend through instagram @StudioEriksdotter}

Yikes, so tired and drained even though I had a nice weekend. I packed original paintings and prints for the 47 Gallery show in Richmond Sept 26-30 that Casey drove down with and dropped off for me early Saturday morning. I spent the day with family at IKEA and worked on a bridal bouquet for 10 hours or so. We also managed to prep for the pinterest contest that kicked off this morning. Somewhere I even had time  to cure my headache with pills and delicious red wine while watching Wallander with Rasmus on my lap (I know, I know usually red wine triggers migraines but not in my case), and watch a girlie movie with a friend. That’s a nice and relaxing weekend for me, but clearly not enough to feel refreshed come Monday morning. 

Really wish I had the luxury of just having one full time job instead of two.