One of my favorite painters, Carolina Gynning, just had an exhibit in Stockholm last week together with her mom, a sculture. I just go crazy when I see these photos because this is what I want! I would love to exhibit like this both in the US and all around the world, and especially in Sweden. 

I love the vibe of this space. It’s so clean and simple. The focus is only on the art. I want this so bad! 

Which one of Carolina’s new paintings do you like?

I admire Caroline because she does what she wants to do and sprinkles her creative energy all around. She writes books, designs jewelry etc. I can relate to do that because I’ve always wanted to write books, publish my poetry and do other creative things. What I also like is that she shares a lot of herself and in doing so she promotes her art really well. People want a piece of her art because they are investing in her. They are in a way getting a piece of her. She also leads a very interesting life so that helps in making a blog popular – she travels a lot, she exhibits, models, hosts all sorts of things etc.

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