First off, a big thank you to my family who came out to show their support! Thanks Caroline for the hot tea and thanks Angelica for the your homemade Swedish buns and Lussebullar. Yum. Thanks also to Ann who stoped by and got to see some of my new stuff in person.

It was my first indoor show and though not alot of people showed up, it was nice to get feedback on my art. I think my favorite comment was from a man who said “it reminds me of Georgia O’keefe but you’ve taken it to a different level and made it very much your own style. It’s wonderful.”

I also got to see two of my favorite vendors, Works of Rayhart and Vintage Redesigns.

That wraps-up another great experience! Unfortunately, Lola had gotten bitten by a cat when I got home so Sunday I had to take her to the vet for some stitches. Now she’s sporting a pink e-collar and a grumpy attitude.