The last outdoor art show for 2010 brought us to Richmond, Va. It’s about a 2 hour drive from DC but can easily turn into much longer due to traffic which it did on October 15 when we headed down. Those times it’s good to have friends who live on the way down. Thanks DD and Kenneth for a awesome meal in old town Fredericksburg!

Richmond always seem to treat me really well! This time, I sold my “Large Lion Sun“, got a commission for a “French Kitchen,” and was invited to do the art show at the Virginia State Senate General Assembly in early 2011! Superexciting.

I never realized the “problem” of selling a large piece during the show… How do you fill all that white space you suddenly get?



Practice makes perfect, right? Casey and I figured out a layout that worked by hanging a few of the paper canvases that were in the black bin in the bottom right corner. Next time, in spring 2011, I’ll be sure to have more art with me so I always have extra in the car and not just pack for what can fit in the booth! Because of course I welcome this “problem” endless more times. 🙂

You may notice a new painting hanging in the booth. It was actually not complete (and still isn’t). I tried to finish it but didn’t have the few more hours I needed but decided to bring it anyways. You may recognise it. It’s a “Yellow Hello Daisy“!

Of course now the question is, which “Hello Daisy” do you like better? Blue or Yellow?

I made a new friend during the show! Yay! Ada-Marie of Spark! stopped by. She was, at the time, hosting a giveaway of my stationery on her blog. This was the second time we partnered to do this so it was extra special to see her in person for the first time. What a great girl and her blog is fabulous!

Me and Ada-Marie of Spark!

Thank you Richmond and everyone who visited me at the Art Affair! See you next year!


ps. We stayed at our friend’s place down in Richmond and as a thank you we donated money to her non-profit animal rescue group, Bonnie Blue Rescue. If you are planning on getting a dog, please consider shelters and animal rescue groups as they have many dogs ready for a home.