{What a fantastic weekend it was in Historic Occoquan! A big thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth, talked to me and enjoyed looking at some very vibrant art! Loved meeting you!}

Casey and I headed down Friday to set up the tent and enjoy a nice dinner at a local Belgium restaurant. Well, the starts didn’t exactly align for us. Apparently, the cars that had parked where the tents were going up were allowed to park there until 2 am, however, we were allowed to set up much earlier than that. How were we suppose to know? We waited and waited and around 10 pm we went home with bellies full of delicious food and Belgium beer but behind schedule. We got up at 4 am the following morning…

Our set up was done at 8:30 am and people started rolling in at 9 am even though it didn’t technically start until 10. That’s usually a good sign! ๐Ÿ™‚

New this time in the booth is my framed bio and information about bridal bouquets (on the right wall in above photo). I received amazing response from the bridal bouquets. I’m so happy people love this idea and it seems very unique.

Making its first appearance in the booth was the Bundle of Ranunculus. It looked so good framed, and so did Skyline II. In the full booth photo you can also see the Lavender Hydrangea and the Red Roses framed as well. They were all listed as framed but of course they could be sold without them as well.

{there’s something about flowers and vaginas thanks to a misunderstood Georgia O’Keffee}

I often hear some reference to vaginas since I paint flowers… I guess it’s because of the controversy with Georgia O’Keffee’s flowers. It’s either a subtle whisper to a friend followed by some giggle, or it’s straight to my face. One woman loudly said “wow, these are a bunch of vaginas!” My offended response.. “Um, no. these are flowers.” Really, I wish my response would have been “I guess you see what you want to see or what you feel you’re missing in life.” She was the age of menopause after all…

I do have to admit the Crocus is a close call though. I swear I painted an up-close of a crocus, but when some family and friends gently pointed out that it did remind them of a female organ I realized it too. I started getting fed up with the response this weekend. It just doesn’t bring good energy to my booth. It’s not Europe for sure… if people think they see vaginas here in the US they mostly quickly leave the booth! So I decided I wasn’t going to bring it any more.

I’m not kidding you, 10 minutes later three young women walk in and one of them goes straight to this painting and says “WOW! I LOVE this painting! It’s totally a vagina!” She said it with total embrace which was so refreshing! I’m happy to say she walked home with it and I’m thrilled she’s now the owner of it. She loves it and will proudly show it off on her wall. I was so happy and excited for them both.

 Though it was cooler than it has been in the DC area, it was still hot in my booth. After seven hours, it’s nice with a cool refreshing drink instead of my lukewarm water. That’s when I’m so thankful for wonderful friends! Kenneth and DD came to meet up with me on Saturday to have dinner together but before that DD bought me this delicious strawberry and lemonade drink! It was just what I needed at 4 pm! What a lovely surprise!

My friend Ann stopped by on Sunday and showed off her amazingly beautiful belly! She is due in four weeks with a little boy. We always have a good time together, I just hope our Swedish didn’t scare any customers away! ๐Ÿ™‚

I swear I don’t demand people to buy me or bring me things when friends visit my booth! Ann brought me freshly homemade Swedish pancakes with strawberry jam, plus my favorite – kexchocolate! WOW. What a treat! I inhaled the pancakes during lunch and was so happy eating them that when a customer asked “did you make these” I totally answered “no actually my friend made these, they are Swedish pancakes and so delicious!”…  Poor guy looked all confused and said “no, i meant the paintings”. duh!

Thank you again for coming out this weekend! LOVED all the people stopping by, browsing my print rack, viewing the paintings up-close… commenting and showering me with love and compliments! And especially my wonderful customers! THANK YOU so much. It means the world to me!