{Love love love this canvas print, “Essential Finery,” by Olivia Beaumont}

I fell in love with BeaumontStudio more than a year ago and look forward to seeing the new pieces every time I visit Etsy. Olivia Beaumont, the face of BeaumontStudio, is a full-time artist living outside of Savannah, Georgia. She has this amazingly jaw dropping talent of capturing animals. They really come to life on canvas and I just want to step into their world! Being a fan of period movies, her animals in period customs gets my knees weak and I just have to share these with you. I can’t wait to have Lola and Rasmus painted!

{“Mr. Darcy” and “Bellona at Peace.” Oliva’s pet portraits starts at $300}

Where do you draw most of your inspiration from to capture their enchanted and magical world?
It sounds strange, but I have first in mind a human characteristic that I want to portray. We will always look at the world and the creatures around us through eyes uniquely human.

More specifically, I believe society already identifies certain animals as noble, others as witty, still others as fierce. At times, I ponder for weeks which creature seems to suit the personality I want to portray. I seek to make portraits that the viewer can sympathize with on a level of human emotion. Researching period jewels and costume inspire me as well, and aid me to bring out the unique personality of the creature rather than simply type-casting.

{“Lucretia” and “Prince of Orange”}

How often do you paint? And where do you paint?
I paint for at least an hour or two every day (excluding weekends). Just before shows it becomes 8 hours every day. I live in the countryside of South Georgia and currently share the workshop of my uncle who is often tinkering with electronics nearby.

{“Samson” – the lion “whose hair had meanwhile grown luxuriantly. . . ” and “Hyperborean”}

How do you start a painting? Do you paint from your mind or do you need a photo to inspire you?
The hurdle is not starting a painting. The hurdle is planning a painting well. I create models and mannequins which are an immense help when developing complex compositions and larger paintings. I use a combination of imagination, photographs, sketchbook gesture studies, and live models at the zoo (when I am feeling especially authentic).

{“Cavalier” and “Artemesia.” Though I really love all her paintings (seriously…the zebra and the lion – wow!) my knees have been weak for these two characters for a very long time!}

What is your goal for the future?
On the practical side, now that I’ve rooted in the countryside I hope to expand my sadly neglected potential for gardening and cooking. On the business side, I foresee my paintings finding homes around the world and an inspirational trek to Amsterdam. And, because I believe in the joy that comes from living in the moment, I hope to stay open to surprises!

Thank you Oliva for participating in my artist profile series! It was a joy to get to know you. I absolutely adore your work!

Check out much more of Olivia’s work in her Etsy shop and visit her blog!