This fabulous woman is still unknown in the US, but I bet it won’t be for long!

At the age of 32, Carolina Gynning is already a highly successful artist and her paintings sell out in a snap at her exhibits in Sweden. Did I mention she is also a model, bestselling writer, television presenter/personality and a singer?

Carolina Gynning. Photos from

Gynning is a free spirited woman and like her art, doesn’t conform to society. She says whatever is on her mind and does whatever she wants. With the mentality of anything is possible, she takes advantage of every opportunity to do something that makes her happy. On her site and on TV, she comes across as sincere, open and honest. As a painter, I admire her artistic ability of being in the moment, forgetting about perfection and staying within the lines. She clearly paints with her energy. Can our art be more different? Oh, to pick her brain!

Focusing on larger canvases (6.5×6.5 feet or 2×2 meters), her next exhibit is in Ystad, Sweden in April. According to her site, she is hard at work building up an inventory of about 30 paintings and one can be yours for around $4,100 (30,000 SEK). I’m definitely bringing home a lithograph next time I visit Sweden! I can’t wait to have a piece of Carolina Gynning hanging in my studio to inspire me to stretch my imagination and to “paint outside the lines.”

Art by Carolina Gynning. Photos by Linda Sparring.