Lion // Majesty illustration by Amy Hamilton

“Lion // Majesty” illustration by Amy Hamilton


Our artist for this Thursday is Amy Hamilton whom my friend Jennel introduced me to recently. I just love her fluid way of connecting with nature’s animals with her graphic design prints, and how gorgeous isn’t this lion! Oh my….

What’s your process when creating your visual designs? Like, what applications and mediums do you use and in what order? Does it vary?

I always try to keep a sketchbook on hand because I’ll often think of an idea for a project randomly or the solution to a design problem (sometimes in the middle of the night!) and need to sketch it out. That’s usually how each project starts. There’s a lot of brainstorming and problem solving involved. I start with a sketch in graphite or ink and scan it. From there, I usually add colour and texture to the image. I use applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to complete my projects. I also like to work in watercolour and gouache.

What do you strive to accomplish with your art?

I want to create something that evokes emotion and interest in the audience. Overall, I want my work to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Wolf & Horse // Boundless by Amy Hamilton

Illustrations “Wolf” & “Horse // Boundless” by Amy Hamilton


Illustrations "Stags//Strong" and "Red Deer//Stag" by Amy Hamilton

Illustrations “Stags//Strong” and “Red Deer//Stag” by Amy Hamilton


Are you original from Canada? Do you feel that the culture or any other culture influences your art?

Yes, I was born in Canada. I live in Eastern Ontario where I’m surrounded by lakes, forests, and fields. It’s beautiful scenery and love to paint or sketch out-of-doors near the water when I can. I also like to visit small towns that are filled with history and interesting architecture. The culture here has definitely influenced my art.

Are you the only artistic person in the family? Where do you think your talent comes from? Yo-Yo Man said during a genealogy show that it takes three generations to perfect an art. Do you feel the same?

I come from a family full of creatives: artists, writers, and musicians. I also believe that my faith my God is directly linked to my passion for creating. With regards to whether or not it takes three generations to perfect an art, I definitely think my interest in art is in my genes! However, I’ve never viewed my art as something I’m trying to perfect. It’s something want to improve on, but mostly, I do it because I love it. I find it completely satisfying just to learn something new with each project!

Illustrations "Cat // Aware" and "Awake" by Amy Hamilton

Illustrations “Cat // Aware” and “Awake” by Amy Hamilton


You’re graduating soon, congratulations! What are your near future plans and how do you want to expand and evolve your art?

Thank you! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was returning to school. I’ll be graduating from a 3 year graphic design program in the spring of 2014. I’ve learned so much in so little time, I can hardly contain my excitement about what the future holds. I’m now equipped with the tools and skills necessary to build a career doing something that I love. I also plan to take online courses and complete tutorials on a regular basis to increase my skill set as I dive into working on designs and illustrations full-time. I’m looking forward to learning techniques and working with new subject matter. Design is always evolving and I aim to work hard to evolve with it.

What inspires you?

Nature. Everything in nature has been beautifully designed. It’s what inspires me to create through illustration and design.

You sell your prints in various online shops, do you ever sell/exhibit your originals?

Most of my current work is digital, so I haven’t sold originals recently. I have, however, had my work on display at various conventions and festivals, which is always an honour.

Illustrations "Fox" and "Bird//Trust" by Amy Hamilton

Illustrations “Fox” and “Bird//Trust” by Amy Hamilton


You mention that your experience as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator has helped you “get work done,” can you elaborate?

Every project is a new challenge and I can apply the things I’ve learned to next project. I’ve become more efficient with each new experience and have the opportunity to strengthen and demonstrate my passion and creativity.

How do you celebrate a sale?

I always feel so grateful that people wish to purchase my work. Right from the start, I’ve felt welcomed and encouraged by other artists and really supported by the online community. I’m thankful for the opportunity to reach others through my work.

Thank you so much Amy for being part of the Artist Thursday series!

You can view Amy’s art and see her full portfolio at