What an amazing weekend! Oh boy, did Richmond deliver!  First, a quick ‘thank you’ to Ada-Marie over at Spark! and Christine over at Chromicling all the days of our lives.. for both promoting my participation in the Arts in the Park last week. And to my sister who bought me a wonderful lavender flower to decorate the booth and chocolate for my customers. Thanks for the support ladies!

I could not believe the 22 long rows of white tents in the Byrd Park for the arts and craft show. Wow. There were artists from all over the US and even some from Canada. Unbelievable. We had amazing neighbors, Peggy Cook from Seattle, Wash., Kris Taylor from Richmond, Va,. and Mary Lou Hess from Louisville, Ky. It really makes a difference when you have great company!

Photos by Casey Collings [www.CollingsPhoto.com]

Men and women of all ages visited my booth and it was so wonderful to see so many people engaged in my art. The response was truly amazing!

I kept thanking Casey over and over. Setting up and taking things down can be draining and having Casey there is so helpful. He even offered one of my customers to help her hang my painting – which he did! That’s service! If you visit my booth you may see him stealing my chocolate or filling in while I’m running around checking out the other artists. Usually, I try to stay put as I notice most people like to meet the actual painter. He also shot these amazing photos and played around making a promo video for me. How fun!

Photos by Casey Collings [www.CollingsPhoto.com]

Zack and Courtney, thanks for hosting us for the weekend in your wonderful home and introduced us to amazing eateries! Thanks Kenneth, DD and Jayson and Bri of Itty Bitty Press for visiting me in the 95 degree heat! And to all of you who stopped by my booth, complimented my art or stationery, or bought a painting or note cards – a huge thank you! I really had a wonderful time and I hope to see you next year!