Ever gotten an astrology chart reading before? I had my first one the other day, and man was it spot on! Astrologer Brad Williams is freaking awesome! It was a fun experience and more valuable than I could have imagined. 

I love working on myself and figuring out how I can evolve as a person. I’ve seen advanced energetic healers for years (another post for another day) and Brad brought up things in such an interesting way that it helped me understand certain situations better and found myself nodding in agreement and sprinkled with an “aha” moment here and there.

I remember the first time I read about my astrology sign, the Gemini. I felt liberated because it finally it made sense why I felt like I had a split personality at times – quiet and reserved, and extremely talkative other times – and why I felt like I was bubbling over with creative energy and never could stop singing, writing, or painting.  

Though your astro sign may tell things about you, Brad’s “Natal” chart reading is an in-depth psychological profile based on the birth information. He talked for about 45 minutes and he really gets to the deep core of who you are and why many boundaries continue to play roles in your life. This is important because there are certain things we did in past lives that carry over into this life time, and they carry over because they haven’t been healed yet.

{I’ve briefly met Brad one time during an art show that Lisa Ashinoff and I were doing. Lisa is an amazing artist and Brad is Lisa’s boyfriend who has studied astrology for more than 10 years.}

So how does it work? He will share a karmic story with you and this story represents one of your past lives experiences. It will bring up several things you have had questions about in THIS life time. Hearing the story may help you understand what is going on in your current life. It’s kinda like watching a movie from start to finish and being able to more easily call out the issues and scenarios that shaped you. Just like I felt relief when I read the explanation for Gemini as a young girl, hearing Brad sharing my Karmic Story about a previous life of mine helped me see what may be holding me back in this life time. I felt the issues and could relate them to my current life. Once you know your issues, you can work on them and heal (he gives you the recording so you can listen to it a few times).

But how can he see this karmic story in your astrological chart?  According to Brad, there are evolutionary patterns in the astrological chart towards what has happened in the past life and the symbols in the chart reveals the actual nature of the story. The “when and where” is not shown, and comes intuitively to Brad. The nature of the story is written in the blueprint of your astrological birth chart.

Brad also shared the ideal places for me to live, and I never would have guessed New Orleans or Raleigh, North Carolina, and while Sweden makes sense I think I prefer Northern Italy of all of the places he mentioned. Let’s go honey! More, Brad can help you find things that are lost, do couple’s readings and go over how the planetary alignments may be affecting you right now. 

What a fun thing to do, and I’ve already done a few adjustments in my life which will help me heal those issues. Check out his site, follow him on facebook or shoot him an email (bwastrology@aol.com). He’s so nice.