{Instead of throwing it out, or letting it hang around in the studio, I’ve put this original acrylic on eBay – http://bit.ly/Nzp5gm}

Art Auction – 50% of the proceeds goes to animal rescue organization!


For those who missed the last post, I found this painting while cleaning the studio the other day. Apparently I have a habit of finding “lost” art when I clean. πŸ™‚  I’ve decided to auction it off and give 50% tBonnie Blue Rescue, a wonderful animal rescue group in Richmond, Virginia. It is now up on eBay and ready to be bid on.

I was practicing and playing around when painting this piece, and it’s almost more like a field sketch for a larger piece than a finished painting. So instead of throwing it out or letting it stick around in the studio, I’ve decided to put it on eBay so it can find a real home, and spread some love while doing it.  Chosing to donate to Bonnie Blue Rescue was easy. It’s run by my dear friend Courtney who hosts us every time we have a show in Richmond. The goal of the rescue organization is to save unwanted and “left behind” dogs from kill shelters and place them into loving, forever homes. This is seriously a never ending fight to save lives and nurture injured/sick dogs to health. She puts her whole heart into it and I’m so proud of her dedication and for making a difference in the animal world. You can read more about the organization here: http://bonniebluerescue.com/

Love the background color, which is kinda what I was practicing blending. It goes from light turquoise, light blue to a slight bluish-purple/lavender. And together with the crisp white petals it’s a nice combo. The colors reminds me of the mediterannian sea and the white daisy adds a Scandinavian feel to it. What does it remind you of? 

“White Daisy” is an original acrylic painted on 10×10 inches, 1.5 inches deep gallery wrapped canvas. 

Click here to go to the eBay page and place a bid.