When participating in art shows, it’s not enough that you have (hopefully) great paintings, but you also have to have the right display gear. The more prestigious the show, the better your booth has to be since you include a photo of it for each application. I’m still new at this but I’m getting there…

To enhance mine, I recently purchased a few new items. A couple of weekends ago, Casey helped me put it all up in the backyard, just so I could take a photo of it! All that work for just one photo – sorry honey! Keep your fingers crossed that it will pay off and I’ll be included in some upcoming juried shows!


I have to say I like my booth. It’s colorful… maybe a little cluttered at this very moment when this photo was taken, but still… I think it worked semi-well.


TA-DAA. So what do you think? It’s definitely a cleaner look, yet still very simple compared to some displays. Some people go crazy and spend several thousands on their display stuff and it probably pays off. I’m just not sure I’m willing to do that quit yet.

Can you spot the improvements? I bought covers so you can’t see the metal rack and I’ve added a mesh wall to one of the sides so I can hang paintings there as well. Now I just need a white directors chair and a better side table for my stationary and business cards… and a white table cloth (my pashminas doesn’t cut it anymore), and I’m all set! Oh, and nicer weights… my cinder blocks may stop the tent from flying away but they sure don’t up the “pretty.”

Have a great Monday!