Yellow Ranunculus next to the real flowers.

Here are a few behind the scenes photos from when I created Yellow Ranunculus, which is Painting No 1 in the Spring Art Auction 2013. Maybe this quick iphone photo of it better captures the lovely feel it has? Sure it’s bold and colorful but it’s also quiet lovely. Very organic. A modern take on an English garden flower. This is how I spent my time creating it – with the actual bouquet right next to me.

Yellow Ranunculus in progress

Yellow Ranunculus in progress

See that big dab of blue paint? That mixed with dark green and black created the background color.

Casey Collings photographing Yellow Ranunculus

Casey photographed all 10 paintings a few weekends ago so I could start processing the photos and figure out when to post what. Here he is snapping the photos you saw earlier today.

The listing for this piece will be live here at Noon! Happy Bidding!