It’s that time, the time to go over everything you’ve done over the past year and reminiss over the best stuff. I can’t believe I had the honor of painting 9 bridal bouquets and 13 pet portraits and several other fine art pieces as well, but the painting summary is to come later. Let’s start with the absolute icing on the cake for 2012: seeing my bridal bouquets mentioned in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. What a delight. I think I cried the whole day.

The Open Studio Event! OMG. What an amazing event. Everyone had such an amazing time. I can’t wait to have another one.

Being able to offer limited editions of several paintings. Wow. They all look stunning, both the framed gallery wrapped canvases and the framed fine arts paper reproductions. They are all available in the Etsy shop.

I started making brochures this year, one for my bridal bouquets and one for the pet portraits. I also offer gift certificates which is something new and fun.


Casey and I traveled north to the Hamptons in July to participate in the Amagansette Art Festival. We had a really lovely time and just soaked up the beautiful views. I also had my art shown in the Empress resturant in Richmond, Va., participated in the Arts in the Park and Seawall Art Show, and Gallery 47. Other than that it was a quiet art show year for me compared to 2011 when we participated in 16!


I did another Art Auction in 2012 during the summer which turned out to be a both successful and a lot of fun. Be on the look out for a new one to appear soon!

sothebyshomes.comYellow June and Red June - originals

Several of my pieces were showcased in interior designer Felicia Zwebner’s showroom on the Upper East Side in Manhattan for six months. Some were also featured in Sotheby’s International Realty brochure for a $7,5M condo! How fun!  I also had the change of exhibiting at an art gallery for the first time. Several pieces can be viewed at the Veranda, Fine Arts in New Haven, New Jersey.

Casey and I pulled off our first video describing how a bridal bouquet is made. We had also earlier in the year done a couple of time lapse videos of when I painted Tulip Landscape and Single Tulip.

We also made a couple of time lapse videos earlier in the year when I painted Tulip Landscape and Single Tulip.


Getting a storage unit for all my canvases and gear was probably most exciting for the Mister. He is a neat freak and though he’s patient with my mess, I also understand it can’t be much fun to live with. I, on the other hand have never really noticed my own mess.

Casey and I also took two trips this year. Our first one went to Colorado where we visited friends in Denver and then Casey’s family in Salida.


And our second one went to California this past fall! Last blog post from San Fransisco is coming…


I also finally pulled the trigger and went a head with a sinus and deviated septum surgery, and darling Russel came to visit me while I was recovering. I had waited a long time due to some fear but I’m so glad I did it. I can breath so much better now and I actually feel refreshed in the morning now while before it felt like I hadn’t slept at all. Amazing.

Russel was rescued via Bonnie Blue Rescue and adopted by my Mom. We drove down to Richmond to pick him up and we fell in love right away.

me and blake 12-8-12

And we added another member to the family in early December when my darling sister, Caroline, gave birth to adorable Blake. What a joyfilled year!

Erica Eriksdotter enjoying a beer after 30 hours of painting

I think this photo summarizes 2012 all for me. Pure enjoyment!

Writing up the best of 2012 and going over all the stuff that’s happened over the last year, and the paintings I’ve done… I’m just floored (and a bit exhausted!) – all that and with a full-time job too! Holy crap! I don’t know how I manage it all to be honest. It’s alot of determination for sure and sometimes it’s all there is and nothing else. This year I’m going to give myself some more TLC and make sure I move my body more, laugh and rest more. 🙂 My plan is to do this while painting as much as I did last year, and more! And so it is.

Happy New Year!