{Limited edition Pink and Gray. The original sold in spring 2011.}

Limited edition gallery wrapped canvas prints are here! These are high quality giclee prints and they look amazing! You can see every single little detail (see last photo). Friends and family who have seen them have told us they can barely see the difference. They are as amazed as we are. 

Over the last month or so, Casey (my husband) and I have had several of my originals professionally photographed by an art publisher and who has also produced high quality canvas prints for us. Giclee printing provides superior color accuracy and incredible detail over other modes of reproduction. They can be found at galleries around the world and in New York’s Metropolitan Museum. 

{Limited edition White Twist. The original is showing at the Veranda Gallery in Fair Haven, New Jersey.}

These are all numbered and signed and I’m only doing 100 of each print. They measure 18×24 inches and are 1.5 inches deep, which is a good normal size painting for any room in the home. The print wraps around the canvas, just like the original, and they are varnished for protection. All come in a nice floater frame, either light wood or black depending on the print.

{Limited edition Single Tulip. The original is showing at the Veranda Gallery in Fair Haven, New Jersey.}

Quality is extremely important to me. I want to be known as an original artist but after meeting with a well-known artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico (one of the art meccas in the US) who viewed my work and basically told me that high quality giclees are a wonderful way to continue to share my nuturing joy and passion to people at a different price level. I was surprised to see his giclees and not realizing they were giclees. They showed the same details of an original and framed with the same dedication and it became obvious to me that I wanted to do the same thing. 

Luckily for me, there’s a fantastic art publisher in Leesburg, VA who does prints for world famous artists whos originals sells for over 100,000 dollars. The art publisher does an amazing job at capturing every single detail of my original and that is why I am so excited to bring these to you. They truly are fantastic. 

{close up shot of Limited Edition Single Tulip where you see the details and the number in the bottom left corner}

Limited editions of Single Tulip, Pink + Gray and White Twist are available to view in my studio, online and will be showing at the Arts in the Park, in Richmond, Va., next weekend (May 5-6).

The original Single Tulip and White Twist are showing at the Veranda Fine Arts Gallery in Fair Haven, New Jersey. Price upon request. The original Pink + Gray is sold.