{my lovely mom stopped by with flowers, gifts and reading material from the family}

Recovery has been going well after my sinus surgery. I couldn’t believe how exhausted I felt for almost a full week after the surgery though. I didn’t do much but just stayed in bed trying to recover. That’s when good shows and magazines came in handy (at least after a few days when my eyes stopped aching. I felt a lot of preassure around the eyes and I couldn’t smile for a week because the cheeks where also aching and swollen).


{a royal themed recovery with Downton Abbey and Swedish royal gossip magazines}

All in all, the recovery wasn’t that painful. I still have some ache in my sinuses but maybe it’s because i’m getting so much air through them now! 🙂


Russel came to visit me as well. He is doing so well! He’s a bundle of joy who rarely sits still. He is spoiled rotten with healthy food, long walks and lots of love.


{Lola was playing nurse}


“Holy crap, that’s what you had in your nose??” That’s what Casey said as the doctor removed the plastic stuff after a week. After that my taste and smell was back and the first thing I had was some yummy chocolate.

So far it has been great. I’m still tired and trying to take it easy. I can’t believe how well i can breath through my left nustril. Unfortunately, the right side was bleeding so much that the doctor couldn’t get to it but the left was worse anyways. So thankful I finally did this.