marisaholmes_046{photo credit: Marisa Holmes}I received a few questions about bridal bouquet paintings after this post and I wanted to take the opportunity to share the answers here on the blog as well.

How do I order?

It’s very simple. We’ll work together to capture your bouquet and it starts with an email. All I need from you is a high resolution photo where your bridal bouquet is visible. If you don’t have a straight on shot, I can work from combining a few photos. I will match the colors in your bouquet and pick a background color that best highlights the flowers, or work with your interior design or wedding colors.

How do I know what shape I should get?

There are many different styles of bridal bouquets. The round bouquets are nicely highlighted in a square canvas and cascading bouquets fit well in a rectangular painting. If you are unsure of what canvas you need, just send me a photo of your bouquet and I will give you a suggestion.

What are your prices?

Prices are based on the size of the painting you want, the type of canvas you prefer and the amount of details of your bouquet. Prices start at $300 and you can view the full price list here and below. If you’re interested in a larger canvas or having your painting spread out on several canvases, please contact me for a quote.

Price List

Square Painting

Rectangular Painting

Gallery Wrapped Canvas (1.5in/4cm deep)

Gallery Wrapped Canvas (1.5in/4cm deep)

Size Price Size Price
16×16 in  (40×40 cm) $360 16×12 in (40×30 cm) $300
18×18 in  (46×46 cm) $450 18×14 in (46×35 cm) $360
20×20 in  (51×51 cm) $575 20×16 in (51×40 cm) $450
24×24 in  (61×61 cm) $775 24×18 in (61×46 cm) $575
30×30 in  (76×76 cm) $1,200 28×22 in (71×56 cm) $820

Prices include taxes. S&H is extra and will depend on your location and the size of the painting.

On Friday you get to see another bridal bouquet painting which I just shipped off to Kentucky!