{Next Bridal Showcase is at the Patriot Center in Fairfax VA on Sept. 18}

I participated in the Richmond Bridal Showcase Aug. 14 and this is what my booth looked like (just snapped with my iphone so sorry for the bad quality). I truly enjoyed talking to all the newly engaged women and everyone were so happy to be there. It was really a lovely day. Next up is Fairfax, VA on Sept. 18 and I couldn’t be more excited!

In the photo above you see a few different sizes of original paintings. Top left is “Taryn’s Bridal Bouquet” painting which is 20×20 inches, then you have “Mirja’s Bridal Bouquet” which is larger at 24×24 inches. Isn’t it amazing how such few inches can make such a big difference? Top right is the “Royal Bridal Bouquet” painting and the only rectangular painting in this photo. This one is 24×18 inches On the bottom is “Caroline’s Bridal Bouquet” painting and it’s the smallest squared canvas I offer at 18×18.

The client who ordered “Taryn’s Bridal Bouquet” painting (read more here) hadn’t seen her painting live yet but graciously let me borrow it for the show. Here are some photos from earlier in the process of making that painting.

{sketching and more sketching. It’s important the propotions get right from the start and it usally takes 8 hrs to do}

{after a couple of early layers, it looks like this. Still a very long way to go!}

{Here, the last layer (of several) of the background color is added. Eventually all edges and lines will be perfect}

{And here’s the final painting which is hanging in the first photo.}

{Close up of the details}

If you want to learn more about bridal bouquets, check out this page and you can view lots more photos of each bridal bouquet here. As always, questions are welcome! Shoot me an email at erica@studioeriksdotter or contact me on my facebook page. 🙂