Holy ***t, how did this happen?

My name is Erica and I am a very messy person. There. I said it. It would be easy to blame everything on lack of time for me, but I just never prioritize picking things up. Strangely, I am very organized though and know where everything is.  

Don’t be alarmed. It normally doesn’t look like this but we just switched out my desk and did a new computer set-up and then I had to shove everything to one side of my studio. 🙂 Promise.  

Oh well, the fact remains that I’m messy and it amazes me at times how I can create in a messy studio. I love a clean home where everything has a place etc. (thank you husband!), but where I create, I think I prefer some sort of mess.

Hey, look at that. In the midst of that messy room I found this painting. It was hiding behind that sunflower I can’t seem to finish. I had forgotten about this one… I was just playing around one day.  Maybe I’ll put it up for auction? Watcha think?