FINALLY, with several scheduled commissions out of the way (trust me, i’m NOT complaining!) time has allowed me to paint a smaller version fo the “Green Calla Lillies” painting for the winner of Coco+Kelly’s “C+K Giveaway: Custom art from Erica Eriksdotter” contest (LOVE Coco+Kelly!!). The giveaway took place months ago but I was already booked with several paintings that the winner patiently had to wait!

This is my lame official photo of this smaller version of the “Green Calla Lillies” painting,
measuring 16×12 inches. The larger size (20×16) is still for sale.

Kirby, the winner (and a writer for a living and owner of the cute blog “The Short and the Sweet of It,” was randomly selected but I thought her comment was really sweet: “Calla lilies are my favorite flowers and my boyfriend is pretty good about buying me them from time to time, but I would love to win the Green Callas acrylic painting for when I don’t have fresh flowers on hand. Fingers crossed!

I’m shipping this off to California this morning and really wish I could go with it!

Have a lovely Monday!