psycic awareness and opening workshop

My friend and healer, Cherie Young-Hickman is doing a psychic awareness and opening workshop. Ever wanted to hone your discernment skills? Trust your inner voice? Have a deeper connection to Spirit? Stand in and for your truth? Then this weekend class might be just what you need.

Every human is born with psychic senses and abilities in tact. This class* is for anyone who wishes to awaken and reclaim conscious use of: Clairvoyance, Clairsenscience, Clair-audience, empathy, hand scanning and psychic taste.

Weekend course includes (but is not limited to): precognition, past life recall, spirit guides, symbology in the field, auras, etheric body, The Divine, inner knowing, channeling, soul listening, recognition of Spirit and Guidance voice.

When: Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 19-20, 10-6pm. Please bring your own lunch.

Where: Crystal Cottage in Berryville, VA.

Investment: $390 (returning students investment is half the fee). Your non-refundable check saves your seat. If you are unable to make the workshop the monies can be credited towards another event or appointment(s) with Cherie Young-Hickman and Divine Transformation Ministries. We accept check, cash or PayPal.

If you are interested in attending, please reach out to Cherie by tomorrow.

Cherie Young-Hickman | Intra-Dimensional Healing | Licensed Certified Massage Therapist | 703-489-4123 |

*This is the prerequisite for the Intra-Dimensional Web Working Series for those who wish to continue into deeper practice, which is the workshop I completed this past summer.