Pet portrait of a french bulldog by artist Erica Eriksdotter

“I could not be happier with her portrait. You did a wonderful job “capturing” her spirit. It looks just like her. I LOVE the color we chose. Thank you so much.– T.H. of Colorado

Lucy’s pet portrait is a custom original acrylic painting of a German shepherd and chow mix commissioned by Lucy’s dad in Colorado. He lost his beloved dog after many years together and wanted to honor her in this meaningful way.

Lucy passed away the day before Thanksgiving two years ago after spending a wonderful life with her dad and now she’s with him again through this portrait for this Thanksgiving. I hope it brings some comfort.

Lucy and her dad weren’t supposed to be together but now in hindsight it was meant to be: Lucy’s dad had originally picked another dog at the shelter but the shelter accidentally sprayed Lucy instead! So home came Lucy and a sweet and devoted friendship began.

You can see many photos from how Lucy came alive on canvas in this blog post.

Pet portrait of a french bulldog by artist Erica Eriksdotter

I asked Lucy’s dad what his favorite part was with this experience and he said: “I loved that when I contacted you, sent the pics, told you my story about Lucy, I felt complete acceptance from you. No judgment, no rolling eyes. You were all in. You seemed honored to paint Lucy’s portrait. Lucy, who meant so much to me.” 😭😭😭

His answer had me in tears. Yes, absolutely. So, so very honored. ALLOWING for Lucy and all pets to unveil themselves on canvas is truly an honor for me, and I enjoy every moment of if.

I boldly suggested this majestic and bold background color and he loved it. He was in fact thrilled I had suggested it as he loves vibrant colors. It just happen to work really well with Lucy’s colors.

Pet portrait of a french bulldog by artist Erica Eriksdotter and a chair

Fanny’s portrait is painted on a 16×20 inches gallery wrap canvas that is 1.5 inch deep. All sides are painted with the background color.

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