The quest for the half marathon continues and this morning we ran the ‘Run with Santa 5K’ in Reston, VA (it’s helpful to get a few races in you before the actual big one). The snow was falling and the roads were slippery. I can’t say I enjoyed any of it no matter how happy I look in this pre-run photo. The legs were aching the whole time but I was apparently running faster than usual – keeping a 10 min mile through out the 3.2 mile run, finishing at 32.26 minutes!

So I’m proud of myself, and of Casey who tagged along and beat me of course, and of my running-mates, Sandra, Linda and Erica! Woo hooo!


Sunday morning, freezing our butts off, running in the snow…


Now it’s back in the studio to work on a really lovely and colorful bridal bouquet!