Erica Eriksdotter with one of her pet portraits

I’m so happy to be donating to Knock Out Abuse‘s silent auction this year again, the fourth time in a row (remember 2010?). As you know, co-founder Jill Sorensen is a dear friend of mine and she founded this organization 20 years ago to promote awareness and raise money to heal domestic abuse. The money goes to aid victims of domestic violence through supporting shelters for women and children whose lives have been shattered by abuse, poverty and homelessness.

Let’s hope many people will bid on my art so lots of money goes to this worthy cause!

Knock Out Abuse 2011

I found this old photo from 2011. Let me tell you, it’s pretty humbling to sit next to ex-Ford’s models, Including Jill. Holy crap. I don’t even recognize myself. See more photos from previous events here.