Newly graduated Dr. Emelie and the “two years in the making” gift

A couple of years ago a client from Sweden had heard that her daughter, Emelie, really loved my Bundles of Ranunculus painting. Following my art for several years, she reached out to me and said she really wanted to give something special to her daughter when she graduated from Karolinska Institutet (one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious medical universities) with a medical degree. She thought this painting was just the thing she had been looking for. She bought it and hid it in her home. Fast forward 2 years and the wait was finally over!

Emelie, now Doctor Emelie, was absolutely thrilled with the painting and thought it was a very special gift to receive on such a memorable day in her life. My client said it was wonderful to see her daughter open the gift she had fallen in love with several years ago, and that she had been hiding for so long. She shared this photo with me that was taken just moments after she had opened the gift.

What a great story. I feel so blessed to be a part of these amazing expressions of love and thoughtful gifts. I can just weep of gratitude that my passion of creating joy through my art around the world is already happening. YOU are making it happen! Thank you so much for sharing my art, giving it as gifts and being a champion for Studio Eriksdotter. Thank you for spreading this amazingly good energy that I put in every single piece with people you love. 

Do you have a story of your own? Send me an email, I would love to hear it!