Remember this little beach beauty? I finished Amanda’s Bridal Bouquet back in May, but never shared any photos of the process because I didn’t think I took any. I just found these photos on my iPhone that may be fun to see.

I was about half-way done with the bouquet when I took this photo. When I feel fairly good with all the flowers, and I know they are all in the right places, it’s time to work on the background color.

Sometimes it takes several different colors to get exactly the one you want. That’s the case with Amanda’s wedding color “Tiffany Blue.” 

Here’s the first layer. I believe it took me 5 or so layers before I felt I got the color mix exactly right. Obviously this is waaay to much blue. 

As you can see below, there is a big difference in the finished painting compared to the starting layer. I worked hard at the background color but also spent many more hours on the flowers themselves. It’s a process and things take time. It’s a good thing to have a lot of patience when you work on these beautiful bouquets.

I hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes look at how this colorful piece was created.