Fruity Tulips - original field sketches, front

“Fruity Tulips” – original field sketches. Available on eBay until Sept. 26th.

These original paintings are field sketches of two colorful and lighthearted tulips, viewed from above. Don’t they remind you of fruit?? They were painted as “drafts” for a larger commission earlier this summer, and instead of tossing them to the side, we’re auctioning them off! Because who doesn’t like an opportunity to grab original art for a deal? Starting at $27 for the pair, click here to bid.

Fruity Tulips - original field sketches, left

Fruity Tulips - original field sketches, right

Fruity Tulips

So what are field sketches? Field sketches are basically paintings you paint as a guide for a larger piece. The name comes from when artists stood outside to capture a landscape to later paint a larger, more detailed and finished version of that piece back in the studio.

I painted these pieces to serve as an example for the client so he knew what I had in mind for his larger pieces, but we later decided to paint tulips from the side instead.  The paintings were sketched out and painted with a couple of thin layers of acrylic paint. You can see some of the pencil grid shine through in places, especially on the yellow tulip and the sides are not painted. Other than that, I think these are FUN and happy pieces for any home.

Visit my eBay page for more photos. AUCTION IS OPEN. BID NOW if you’d like these pieces.