Sweden is celebrating Midsummer tomorrow and I really long to be in Sweden during this time of year… to relax and enjoy the few good days of a Swedish summer at my friend’s place.

Traveling is a must for me to fill up on those creative juices and feel inspired throughout the year. But I never thought I’d spend so many vacations going BACK to the country I grew up in after leaving for the US. I guess that’s what happens when your husband loves the country and you miss your friends and family.

There are many places in Sweden that are absolutely gorgeous, but there’s one place where I feel extra connected to – my friends Linn and Sara’s family lake house. Since I no longer have a “home” in Sweden (my childhood home was sold many years ago and my grandparent’s house they had for 50 years was sold the other year), this is where I call “home.” This is where I’ve come to hang out since I was 13. All my teenage years are deeply connected to this place. I love it and my friends.

I long for it now and could definitely need a relaxing break. I’ve been going 200 miles per hour since the last time I was there.

Taking the boat for a spin close to midnight is no problem during the Swedish summers as the sun barely sets.

My darling Linn. She has two little adorable boys, and her sister Sara is expecting her second son in August.

I always eat lots of seafood when I’m in Sweden, it’s always plentiful and fresh. After this photo was taken of me and Linn, I enjoyed the best crawfish pizza. Yum!

There are many food items I miss from Sweden and one of them is cantrell mushrooms (Kantareller) which you pick in the woods in early fall. Luckily for me, Linn and Sara’s mom surprised me and Casey with cooking some delicious dishes I had been craving a couple of summers ago.

When you’re with good friends, it doesn’t matter what you do. Chillin’ in the kitchen or relaxing in the yard is equally as fun as a day trip or doing something more eventful.

Usually it’s Linn and Sara that are cooking up a storm on the grill. I’m sure there’s not going to be any different this Midsummer. aaahhhh I want to go so bad.

Happy Midsummer!