Exciting news! www.LiveLikeYou.com launched today!!

{Embrace your individuality and celebrate who you are in your home. Start living like you today!}

Jill is a wonderful person, truly kind hearted and really funny! She has great passion for helping others be happier in their lives.After 1,5 years and many months of overdue, Jill Sorensen has finally launched Live.Like.You. The site is all about finding your interior design that matches YOUR PERSONALITY and not picking furniture based on a brand or from a catalog… “I really believe that to experience maximum happiness YOU NEED TO LIVE LIKE YOU. We are not all the same…so why should our interiors be the same?” Check out her LiveLIkeYou manifesto.

Jill and I are both Swedish and quickly became friends in real life last year thanks to the blog world. What I didn’t know was that she already knew my sister! Funny how small the world is.

When she saw my art for the first time she instantly wanted to include my “happy and vibrant” paintings in many of her style personalities on her new interior design site. I was thrilled!

Then she needed renderings to show her interior design plans for each room and after some trial and error, she suggested that I’d do them! I said “Fantastic – but I can’t draw!” and she said “Great! I can draw but I can’t paint!” So that’s how our rendering collaboration started. Now I do all the watercolor renderings for her site.

She also got me involved in her organization Knock Out Abuse and during her latest fundraising event (one of the largest in DC), I donated one of my pieces to raise money for her charity. She’s very passionate in helping others and each “personality” in LiveLikeYou.com will donate 5% of sales to a select charity. 

Check out her site, www.LiveLikeYou.com, and get your hands on your 10% discount code (valid 2 weeks) by checking out her blog.

She’ll be LIVE ON NATE BERKUS SHOW TODAY so be sure to check your local listings! She’ll show you her house by giving you a house tour that was actually filmed by my husband! 🙂 Fun!