Glamour Girl Master Bedroom - original front

Glamour Girl Master Bedroom

The sale on these LiveLikeYou prints ends tomorrow, so let’s see what favorite bedrooms I have. I remember specifically enjoying painting these gorgeous bedside tables and shadowing the glossy black material with the light coming in through the window.

Happy Home Bedroom - original front

Happy Home Bedroom

Happy Home Master Bedroom - original front

Happy Home Master Bedroom

This piece always makes me feel so happy. I never considered yellow in my bedroom until I saw this rendering.

Mamma Mia Bedroom, print

Mamma Mia Bedroom

Mamma Mia Master Bedroom

Mamma Mia Master Bedroom

I remember that painting this bedspread in the master bedroom took a couple of tries. It’s hard to convey texture, something I do believe i managed on that big wood closet to the left!

And those are my favorites out of the several bedrooms I added watercolor to. Which bedroom is your favorite?

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at my favorite livingrooms.