Hamptons Livingroom - original front

Hamptons Livingroom

The sale is ending tonight at midnight so let’s take a look at my two favorite livingrooms in the LiveLikeYou series. I’m in love with this livingroom. It is classic and fun at the same time, and a girl can dream! The print looks fantastic in a white classic frame.

Recessionista Livingroom - original front

Recessionista Livingroom

Gold is always a little tricky to paint in watercolors. There’s a fine line between too brassy looking and too yellow. Neither is good when the interior design experts wants gold! By this rendering I had it down.  Such a fun room to paint.

So those are my favorite livingrooms, but here’s a look at a dream closet and a fun office, both from the Glamour Girl design personality.

Glamour Girl Closet - original front

Glamour Girl Closet

Jill only did one rendering of a closet in all her personalities. It fit that Glamour Girl lifestyle I guess, and I loved painting those high gloss black lacquered closet doors.

Glamour Girl Office - original front

Glamour Girl Office

This is such a fun office, and Jill’s real office (see last photo on this page) reminds me a little of this.

So that’s it. Those are my favorite entries, diningrooms, bedrooms and livingrooms in the LiveLikeYou series, but there’s so many more. Clearly, I’m drawn to the more colorful renderings but there are a couple of more earthy personalities  as well – something for everyone.