In this episode we are having fika with Cherie Young, a masterful healer and teacher, and talking house cleansing and the importance of cleaning both on a physical and an energetic level. She shares lots of different examples from the little girl with night terror, to the remodeling jobs that were completely trashed and the transformations cleansing has made.


  1. About Cherie and that biz card [00:01:51]
  2. What is healing and how to pick your healer [00:05:07]
  3. What is spiritual house cleansing? [00:08:48]
  4. The remodel jobs were being completely trashed [00:14:56]
  5. The space holds the frequencies of the trauma [00:17:02]
  6. Every night they hear the horse carriage [00:23:41]
  7. Taking responsibility for our emotions heals the world [00:26:09]
  8. House cleansing beyond physical structures [00:27:29]
  9. Cleansing long distance [00:29:21]
  10. The ‘hitchhiker’ from the bar [00:35:27]
  11. Visits from our loved ones [00:41:14]
  12. But what about our loved ones who have passed? [00:41:14]

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FIKA PODCAST EPISODE 013: Spiritual House Cleansing with Cherie Young

Erica Eriksdotter: Hi lovelies!  It’s time for FIKA!  The Swedish word that means bonding and connecting with friends over coffee or tea. This is the place to be for real talks and discussions about everything from healing, fine arts, motherhood and entrepreneurship to health and fitness. The focus is connecting the dots through consciousness and elevating how consciousness is directed through each guest’s career and life path. My name is Erica Eriksdotter, born and raised in Sweden and now live outside of Washington, DC. I’m fine arts painter and owner of Studio Eriksdotter,certified Intra-Dimensional Healer and PR and Social Media Strategist. I’m a modern woman, connected to Self who brings meaning to life through an earth centered truth.

Erica Eriksdotter: Today, we’re having fika with Cherie Young and we’ll be talking about spiritual house cleansing. For those of you who are just joining the podcast, though, let me just mention and remind you what fika is all about. Fika is firmly rooted in the Swedish culture. You usually have fika twice a day and you can fika at work by taking a coffee break. You can fika with someone like meet up for coffee and chit chat or just drink a cup of coffee or tea or other non-alcoholic beverage. It’s not a party, it’s a fika. Typically, you have something to eat with your coffee like a biscuit, cookie or maybe a piece of fruit. But, it’s more than just what you eat or drink. It’s about slowing down, taking a break, catching up with friends and enjoying each other’s company. So, Cherie, what are you having to our fika session today?

Cherie Young: Hi, thank you so much! Oh, Erica I’m having hot water with lemon slices and honey and it is so soothing. Thank you.

  1. About Cherie and that Biz Card [00:01:51] 

Erica Eriksdotter: So, before we dive into what spiritual house cleansing is, let me just for our audience and listeners our there, let me share a little bit about you. Cherie Young is native to the Washington, D.C. area and is a practitioner of Intra-Dimensional Web Working, Dimensional Presence and Dimensional Virtues. She is a masterful Intra-Dimensional healer and teacher. Her approach utilizes fears compassion connecting clients to their divine inner knowing. She has assisted in alleviating of numerous diseases affecting the physical, the emotional and mental and spiritual bodies. She teaches healing workshops internationally and in the U.S. on a regular basis. She’s also available for one on one sessions. So, I know you since, what feels like, 20 years ago but actually since only 2009 and 2016 now. So, that’s what, 7 years?

Cherie Young: That’s right.

Erica Eriksdotter: I had held on to your business card for about a year thinking that maybe you could speak to my dad who had passed away. Then after a year, I started having, well, for a long time I had almost daily migraines and neck pains. Then, cleaning out my wallet at work one day, end of a Friday, and saw your card again, your business card.

Cherie Young: Mmm.

Erica Eriksdotter: And, emailed you and said, ‘Can I have, even though I feel like I have more of my dad, can those emotions get stuck in my body? You responded right away and you wrote me this email that I don’t remember much of but basically like emotions can absolutely have other things.

Cherie Young: Physical ramifications, absolutely.

Erica Eriksdotter: Absolutely. So, I scheduled a session. After that session, which was very wonderful for me, you cleansed me off completely and did a lot of other things as well that helped me I felt like myself again after only one session. At that point you handed me a poster at the end that said, you know what, my Master Healer Colette Chase will be here teaching this workshop. I think you would be really good at this; do you want to join us? And, three weeks later, I took that workshop and I was scared to death driving to that workshop. Six months later after taking more classes and more sessions, I had kick started my art career again. I had launched my Studio Eriksdotter company. You couldn’t stop me from painting. I was just blossoming completely and have enjoyed healing and workshops and sessions with you and Colette ever since. Now, of course, also being a healer. Fantastic journey for me. But, today we’re not talking about my journey, we’re talking about spiritual house cleansing.

  1. What is healing and how to pick your healer [00:05:07] 

Cherie Young: Well, yes all the journey’s kind of coincide. So, I thank you very much for all those kind words. All healing is self-healing and I’m a facilitator and I love to work with people and enjoy watching them blossom. People, I don’t think everybody understands how spiritual energies, how much we synergize and take on of everything around us. In original tribes, meaning your family cluster, there are so many siblings that come to me and you know, I have this illness, I have this illness and come to find out that illness is really just symptoms that she or he were carrying for the family unconsciously of course. So, we all kind of swim in the river of energy and we take and leave things. Part of what I teach is discernment and what is yours to deal with, what is somebody else’s and allowing them their process so they can have those emotions to evolve where they’re going. Then, you have your stuff, which is sometimes overwhelming enough.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: And gone untreated or shoved under the rug long enough you will have definitely physical ramifications from those emotions and abandon.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah. We had, as you know, Colette Chase is a regular on this podcast, and she’s been having, she’s had two episodes on discernment. Pretty fascinating. The last one was with exercises about not just ground, source, center but also an exercise through the scales.

Cherie Young: Mmm.

Erica Eriksdotter: I think it’s also, I believe we touched on this, that Colette is one healer and also clients need to pick their healer.

Cherie Young: Correct.

Erica Eriksdotter: So, every healer.

Cherie Young: Yes, she’s so masterful. One thing that she has taught me also, is that everybody has to choose their healer and for their particular organic moment wherever they are. So, say you got five of us in a room together. Somebody’s going to pick someone because they’ll see it in that aura whatever it is. There will be a click…

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: A goose bump or something that will attract someone to that particular healer for that particular time frame for them.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: There’s no scarcity. Everybody has something to offer.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, absolutely. I personally go to you for certain things. I personally go to Colette for certain things.

Cherie Young: Absolutely.

Erica Eriksdotter: When I read your bio, it is what the word that is really popping out for me is compassion. You have an enormous compassion during your healing sessions. You have that mother figure that is just that the big bird’s going to take care of the little birds and you just have this amazing warm everything is safe, we’re in a sacred and safe environment. You’re just very compassionate during your healing sessions.

Cherie Young: Thank you.

Erica Eriksdotter: Not comparing to anyone else. Just highlighting what I feel during your sessions.

Cherie Young: Thank you so much. I’m honored that you said that. [laughing]

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing] So, okay, today…

Cherie Young: Rarely speechless, but you did it! [laughing]

  1. What is Spiritual House Cleansing? [00:08:48]  

Erica Eriksdotter: So, today we’re going to talk about spiritual house cleansing in particular. You do a lot of different things but today we’re going to talk about cleansing and house, buildings, lands, whatever. So, can you talk to me a little bit about how you describe spiritual house cleansing?

Cherie Young: Sure. So, I think all of us might have one story, if it didn’t happen to us, a neighbor, an uncle or aunt about having an uninvited guest in their house at one time or another who was unfortunately discarnate which is a spirit without a body.

Erica Eriksdotter: We’re not talking about Uncle Bob who showed up and won’t leave.

Cherie Young: Uncle Bob go home! No, we’re talking about someone without a body and generally there are lots of reasons why people get caught between dimensions. Sometimes, people pass or die so quickly and it’s traumatic and it could be a car accident, a gunshot, it could be any of these horrible things. Then, the person actually, just as in the physical realm, they don’t know where they are. They have no memory of how to get back or they can’t get back because they don’t have a physical body anymore. So, they are literally wandering around looking for something or someone familiar and quite often, this is why I think a lot of children are very sensitive and they’re bright lights and people will sometimes follow these kids. Follow a person home. If something traumatic happens in a home…

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, actually, let’s back up. You said, can follow them home.

Cherie Young: Yes.

Erica Eriksdotter: So, it doesn’t have to be it lives in my house and we moved in there and now we’re stuck with this thing. But it actually it can be you picking them up. We sometimes call them a hitchhiker, right?

Cherie Young: Yes.

Erica Eriksdotter: Attachment. A child can pick them up somewhere else.

Cherie Young: Sure. Unconsciously, of course, the child has no idea. Sometimes a kid does know.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: I have cleansed several homes for families whose children were so distressed they couldn’t sleep at night, they couldn’t go in their rooms any more. These families couldn’t sleep, so usually, unfortunately by the time they find me, they’re just very distraught and exhausted.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: I really appreciate you having me speaking on this because everyone is curious and I don’t know how many people are willing to actually talk about it, so thank you. One of the families, a little girl, she was eight, the mother called me, I came to the home. They hadn’t slept in weeks and they had a son, they were both afraid to go in her room. They could hear at certain times at night, the creaking, somebody coming up the stairs and if she were in her own room, the bed would depress in a place where somebody it looked like they were sitting down but of course, nobody could see them, but they could feel their presence.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Cherie Young: The little girl could see him, sometimes. So, I went in and I did my thing. Which is, I create I hold a space and dimension in a light with guidance from the archangels to assist this person in evolving to their proper place in the creative order. After that, then I look around and see if there is any debris or any frequencies that are just been disturbed patterns sometimes they’ll mess with the electronics of the home. The TV, you left the TV on again. No, I didn’t. This causes a fight in the house.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Cherie Young: Then, I work with the little girl because she was the one that was most affected and then I sort of radiate out and I talk to everybody in the family and I had the little girl come in the room with me. I spent about an hour with her. I said on a scale from 1 – 10, how clean is this room? How much better or has anything changed? Yes, it feels so much better. The kid was just right up front with me. So honest.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, so honest. [laughing]

Cherie Young: It feels so much better, but I’m still a little bit afraid. I said, ‘Okay’. So, then I talked to her some more until we got to 100% and they have had yet to have the problem again. She sleeps in her room. Everybody happy.

Erica Eriksdotter: You typically don’t have to go back after you cleansed something, but…

Cherie Young: Typically not.

Erica Eriksdotter: But, it does happen that sometimes you do go back, maybe a couple years after.

Cherie Young: It has happened and I must say in this particular neighborhood there’s a known problem. House that’s been abandoned for years and this is another issue where sometimes there will be a wound on the earth. It creates a sort of, vortex, if you will.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Cherie Young: If it isn’t healed, it’s going to attract a like spirit. So, just like you would want to hang out with people who are artistic and interesting…

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing]

Cherie Young: If you’re lost and you don’t have a body and you’re just looking for kicks and giggles…

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: And, you really don’t have much intent, you’re going to end up in one of these places where everyone goes, that’s the house haunted, oh my gosh. This is the case in this neighborhood, I had to go back twice.

Erica Eriksdotter: This is a common thing for you, right? But, it also is it can appear, it doesn’t have to be that potent for lack of better word. It’s not that extreme.

Cherie Young: Right.

Erica Eriksdotter: But, to you that’s not too extreme, but it can just be that like you said, maybe the electronics are not really working or maybe the cars are not working or maybe…

  1. The remodel jobs were being completely trashed [00:14:56] 

Cherie Young: Well, I’ve been called in because remodel jobs were being completely trashed. This one house, every time they went to do a remodel job, the pipes burst. Then, we had this problem and then this. It was as if whoever was in there did not appreciate the changes that they were making.

Erica Eriksdotter: They were like stop messing with my house, man!

Cherie Young: Exactly. So, I went in and I did a healing on the house, a cleansing and from then on the projects went…

Erica Eriksdotter: Smoothly.

Cherie Young: Very smoothly. Yes, very gratifying to hear the feedback. The thing that kind of disturbs sometimes is I’ll hear people say, ‘Oh yeah, we’ve had a ghost in our house in month. It’s charming. I think it’s kind of cool’. I have actually heard this.

Erica Eriksdotter: I’ve heard it many times as well.

Cherie Young: Oh, he doesn’t really bother us. Sometimes he moves things around, like maybe, the scotch tape will move from here to there. The thing is, this is a person, this is a soul who’s lost and he needs to find his evolutionary step.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yep.

Cherie Young: You know? It’s no fun. I think it’s a high form of suffering when you don’t know who you are or where you are. So, just based on the healings that I have done it also brightens the home. It really does allow; it opens up a space for the people are living there in the physical realm to deal with their issues as opposed to this…

Erica Eriksdotter: The distraction.

Cherie Young: The distraction.

Erica Eriksdotter: The drama.

Cherie Young: Yes, exactly. Yes, after a cleansing I often recommend that they do something joyous. You know, blow bubbles in the house, have a dance party so you fill the space with this healing spark. Whatever makes them happy.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: Yeah, because you will feel this sort of space open up.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Cherie Young: After the healing of the home.

  1. The space holds the frequencies of the trauma [00:17:02] 

Erica Eriksdotter: It’s also quite fascinating because, two things, I had you over a few years ago cleansing my house.

Cherie Young: Mmm, hmm.

Erica Eriksdotter: And, [laughing] you are looking at me like you don’t remember, which you probably don’t. But, it was interesting because at a certain spot I had noticed that one of my cats would walk into my bedroom, our bedroom, and suddenly it was like he didn’t remember that he’s ever been to the room before. So, I just briefly mentioned that to you and it was just an interesting phenomenon because he had been with us for several years at this point and was always like, I’ve never been in here. So, he would be startled when he walked and is looking around. Then, when you did the cleansing, you mentioned that there was a specific spot on the floor where you think that there may have been a woman at some point with dementia, old woman with dementia looking at the birds outside of the window.

Cherie Young: Okay.

Erica Eriksdotter: And, not remembering it’s her place, but not remembering where because of the dementia and that had imprinted into that space.

Cherie Young: Hmmm.

Erica Eriksdotter: That exact space. Which, was exactly the space where I would witness Rasmus

Cherie Young: Interesting.

Erica Eriksdotter: Being completely like, where am I? What’s this room?

Cherie Young: AHHHH!

Erica Eriksdotter: So, it can also be a person who’s actually lived in the house before.

Cherie Young: Yes.

Erica Eriksdotter: Or, it can be a spirit whose had that same trait of not knowing where they are.

Cherie Young: Exactly. This happens a lot and what happens is the actual, the physical space of the room, because of the intense emotion, there’s usually a high form of suffering that goes in with dementia. There’s so much loss and grief and fear about who they are and the abandonment of your mind that it will actually it’s almost like a photograph of the emotion of it is instilled on the frequencies of the room, if you will. That space and location will hold that. This is true with hauntings. Hauntings are things usually around very high traumatic events and the person, that soul piece just hasn’t healed. Their still holding that horrible, horrible frequency which is another reason why it really these ghost walks just break my heart.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: Because if you’re holding onto a ghost, they’re people and they’re suffering and they don’t know where they are or who they are but they just keep reliving perhaps the worst moment of their life. So, if I was going to go on a ghost walk

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing]

Cherie Young: They would just have to be making stuff up afterwards. [laughing]

Erica Eriksdotter: Yes. You’d be like, I’m going to take these souls and pass them to the proper place.

Cherie Young: I will ask permission and I will definitely do what I can. I have gone to a bed and breakfast once and there was a spirit in this beautiful, somewhere in Virginia.

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing] YEAH

Cherie Young: I mean, you know that feeling where someone’s looking at you?

Erica Eriksdotter: Oh yeah.

Cherie Young: She was really there. I was on break. I was like, really? [laughing] I’m having a vacation here. [laughing]

Erica Eriksdotter: Being a human.

Cherie Young: Yes, I’m just being a person today. And, awh, so I asked permission to assist her in moving on and she said no and the consciousness of the homeowner said no psychically to me. They had an attachment to each other, I’m sure completely unconscious, and so I said fine. In my psychic way, I told this being that’s great, I don’t want you in the hallway, I don’t want you in my room and I don’t want you in the kitchen where I am, you are not and she agreed.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah. So, you could be you.

Cherie Young: I just held my boundary and she held hers. Somebody is attached has a silent agreement with the spirit that they can stay and there’s nothing…

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, and that’s what we learned. We learned the etiquette and the protocol when we take these workshops and we always ask for permission and what is proper because otherwise that is not creating the proper order. We are disrupting the proper order…

Cherie Young: Exactly.

Erica Eriksdotter: If we do not ask for permission.

Cherie Young: This is a good point, I’m glad we brought it up, this is what it’s all about. You wouldn’t go into some stranger’s home and tell their son to get off the couch and get a job. [laughing] You just don’t do these things, hopefully. You don’t want to meddle where you’re not wanted, where it’s not your business.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, discernment.

Cherie Young: Absolutely ask first. May I? Is there something I can do around this. If there is some healing, what is it.

Erica Eriksdotter: YEAH.

Cherie Young: And get some information on the situation. So, yeah, I remember, funny you talk about Rasmas, I remember I went to do a house cleansing, this gorgeous cottage on this plantation. In the basement they had a dog for how many years and the dog would never go in the basement. They tried treats, they tried everything. He would not go, okay. So, then, they also had disruptions inside their home. The husband person, wonderful guy, you know thought this was a bunch of hooey, but he was willing to make the wife feel better, go ahead, have your house cleansing. So, he’s at work, she had me over and I did my thing. He got home as I was leaving and she said, ‘I want to show you something, come here.’ And, he goes, ‘How did it all go?’ and she goes, ‘I’ll show you.’ And, she goes, ‘Shadow’ and he went into the basement.

Erica Eriksdotter: The dog?

Cherie Young: The dog went right into the basement and the husband’s standing with his mouth hanging opening. [laughing]

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing] That’s pretty funny.

Cherie Young: Yeah, that was pretty cool.

  1. Every night they hear the horse carriage [00:23:41] 

Erica Eriksdotter: You’ve also told me about another example where you would hear, every night you would hear a certain noise, horse carriage.

Cherie Young: Oh yes!

Erica Eriksdotter: And, so that is not, it wasn’t, I don’t completely fully remember. It’s not a discarnate, but that moment is so imprinted into that

Cherie Young: Space and location.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: Yes.

Erica Eriksdotter: Almost what we talked about with the dementia. Can you talk a little bit about that as well?

Cherie Young: There’s a home actually, it’s quite well known in Berryville. Everybody knows because anybody who lives near this house hears it. At a certain time of night, what they hear is a horse and carriage complete with all the bridle, the bit in the horse’s mouth, the wheels of the carriage turning comes to a stop at this particular home, in front of this home. The horse shakes its head, I mean there’s this whole ritual, literally a recording of a horse and carriage approaching this house. So, when we have this, this is like people who work with film will get this. It’s like a sliced, you know, photo shopped moment and how it is created is usually because more than one person witnessed something horrific.

Erica Eriksdotter: So, it could be a hundred years ago, when you had the carriages.

Cherie Young: Yes, and there’s more than one person and they all saw the same thing happen at the same time and it’s like a big flashbulb of emotion around that and it literally imprints the space and location.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Cherie Young: Right there, of this high frequency, horrendous, traumatic, whatever happened there. I did not stick around to ask what the story was around it, but this, too, can be healed.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: There are so many layers up on the Earth of energy. Imagine how we are now attempting to understand and really look at our emotions as something valuable.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Cherie Young: As opposed to old world, just suck it up and go on.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: Just forget about that.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

  1. Taking responsibility for our emotions heals the world [00:26:09] 

Cherie Young: Disarming the emotional body. So, we’re seeing in the world so many effects of wastewater coming into homes. Back flushing of toxins. This is all part of the evolutionary plan for all of us collectively, consciously to assess what is ours to clean up our act. To really look into the emotional body and say, Wow, I have this amazing emotional body. Let me see what’s in here. Let me process it, let me take responsibility for it and not just throw it under the rug or throw it down the sink.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah. And pass blame.

Cherie Young: So, these points all over the globe, you know, of course you have battlefield. But, we have marked certain battlefields historically. We’ve only been here three hundred years. The Earth is how old? How many points of the earth need to be healed? How many tears can we sweep up and send home? This is why I’m looking at every one little healing I think is sort of a blessing for all of us.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm. And, if we’re thinking on a larger scale too, it can be, it doesn’t have to be a physical structure that you heal.

  1. House Cleansing beyond Physical Structures [00:27:29]

Cherie Young: Mmm, hmm.

Erica Eriksdotter: It can actually be a land, right?

Cherie Young: Yes, absolutely, absolutely. I actually when I do land healings, which I do. If the person is a little not receiving of a part of a healing, I will consciously invoke that wherever there birth land is, someone in their hometown receive this healing.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm.

Cherie Young: This is just another way of sort of assessing the land. Assessing location and you’re right it doesn’t have to be a physical structure at all.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah. That is very beautiful because it is interesting, you can actually come to you for session and yet not receive the session. You do have to take responsibility and you do have to…

Cherie Young: Yeah, it’s a partnership. I would never force anyone to let go of something they’re not ready to let go of. Everyone is where they are in their process.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: So, about the land healing. There absolutely doesn’t have to be a physical structure. It can just be any geographic point. The land itself can be wounded or hold emotions about watching a battle or something horrible happened. The land itself can be healed, yes.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah. And, you mentioned also about the beautiful thing if a client is not accepting a healing, you send it to in their town but you also do, you also can do these sessions, as I do them, as Colette do them, you can do them via phone or Skype. You can do house cleansing via phone too?

  1. Cleansing long distance [00:29:21]

Cherie Young: I actually can, however, that is case by case basis. I will absolutely check and ask permission beforehand to see if I can for a particular case. I have actually a family member call me up because they had moved back into a house, beautiful, had been not lived in in a long time. They were the only two people in the house and they were hearing doors slamming and they were hearing someone pounding on the floor with his fist. So, it was really frightening and I don’t even know this family member considered me an expert in this area, but they sure as heck called me up and said, ‘I don’t know if you can help me? But do you think? I said, absolutely, let me see and we took care of it on the phone right then and they haven’t had a reoccurrence since.

Erica Eriksdotter: Hmmm, so via phone?

Cherie Young: Via phone is case by case basis and I would of course let the person know ahead of time if I need to come to their home or if we could do it via phone.

Erica Eriksdotter: Then there are areas where you have asked for assistance. So, you’ve actually needed more than one healer to be at the spot to heal certain things. So, when you also take care of your, of course your safety, it’s just we need to have a little bit more.

Cherie Young: Yes, absolutely. It can be a dangerous business. I think someone who would be foolhardy not to call upon resource when resource is due. There are cases where I have worked on several where I’ve called you and asked you to have my back as I entered a home that had known dark ones. This is a whole other realm of spiritual cleansing. Just like you have good guys in the physical world, you got some bad guys in the physical world and the same on the other side. So, some of these entities, they tend to run, they can run in groups and they’re just like bullies here in the physical realm. You have bullies in the spirit world. These bullies can be very adept at messing with electronics and several times if I’ve had to deal with this type of a house cleansing, the client will try to call or text me and they could not. I would finally email them or something and say you have to get outside your house and you have to go to another location and see if that works. And, it would work. One gentleman had to sit in his car at a shopping center. He could no longer sleep in his house, in his apartment. He would not have friends over because they were afraid to be in his apartment.

Erica Eriksdotter: Oh my gosh.

Cherie Young: None of the electrical would work only in his apartment. So, I knew going in, that was going to be a little dicey.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: I had car issues on the way to do that house cleansing.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Cherie Young: So, these dark ones, they have friends and buddies and they want to have their party. They don’t want me around because they know the gig is up. I have a great relocation program. [laughing]

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing] And, I know this, because this has happened to me several times where I’ve been texting you or try to call you and we’ve been trying to play catch up where you haven’t received any of what I’ve been trying to send.

Cherie Young: That’s right!!!

Erica Eriksdotter: There’s been a few times like, I’ve been trying and when we were also very all dear friends. So, when we finally reach you, it’s like, why haven’t you answered any of my calls?

Cherie Young: What did I say! What did I Do!

Erica Eriksdotter: Why are you ignoring me? But, it’s like I sometimes have to text you and if i haven’t heard from you in a certain amount of time, I will call you.

Cherie Young: Right.

Erica Eriksdotter: And, if you aren’t calling me back in a certain amount of time, I will Facebook you or email you. I will try different venues because sometimes it just the electronics is just not working.

Cherie Young: It’s very easy for folks on the other side to manipulate electronic devices. It’s one of their go to’s to cause issues. They sure don’t want me around because they’re going to have to take responsibility…

Erica Eriksdotter: They know what’s up. You cleansed, you’ve helped me cleanse, I’ve been your anchor. It’s sometimes very hard to cleanse yourself when it’s your stuff. So, you’ve cleansed my office, for example.

Cherie Young: That’s right.

Erica Eriksdotter: I had an old office and you cleansed my office. I didn’t have a good guy in there that somebody else had left behind.

Cherie Young: That’s right.

Erica Eriksdotter: Causing amok and it was very energetically very dirty in that office. For me, it manifested that I didn’t want to do anything in that office.

Cherie Young: Sure.

Erica Eriksdotter: I was lethargic and you know, I noticed that’s not a very, I have a full time job and then I have my own business and I do so many different things, so to me that’s a red flag when I feel like I can’t do anything.

Cherie Young: Correct.

Erica Eriksdotter: Which is when I reached out to you as well and that was several years ago.

Cherie Young: That’s true. People will start to blame themselves if they have anxiety all of a sudden or they have depression all of a sudden. Quite often this is a big flag for having an attachment of different spirit that can be living on you. This is not possession. This is just a spirit, just. It’s terrible, but a spirit who has unconsciously attached himself and is living on the person’s energy.

Erica Eriksdotter: I actually have another example of that, which can manifest in more horrible things, diseases and stuff.

Cherie Young: Mmm, hmm. Absolutely.

  1. The ‘hitchhiker’ from the bar [00:35:27]

Erica Eriksdotter: For me, I have a good example. I had on my lunch hour, I typically do not drink. I don’t have a lite beer during lunch hour because of the type of work I do. But, I was leaving after the lunch hour. So, we went to a tavern and it’s a old tavern in the D.C. Metro area that’s been around for, I don’t know, 100 years maybe. I just had 1 Bud Light. I typically don’t even have that drink.

Cherie Young: Right.

Erica Eriksdotter: That’s not my go to beer. I had it because it was my lunch hour and I wanted to make sure I was responsible because I was still driving home. In the U.S., by the way, you can have a little bit of alcohol and drive. So, I was being responsible, however, four hours later, I’m home, long home after this. I’m still a little tipsy. First of all, I don’t necessarily get tipsy after a Bud Light, 4 hours later, you sure shouldn’t be tipsy on a Bud Light. I was tipsy and I had picked up a discarnate, a hitchhiker who was most likely hanging out at the tavern because he/she liked was maybe an alcoholic.

Cherie Young: Right. This is what happens.

Erica Eriksdotter: So, as soon as I get a little tipsy, he said, Mm, that’s a familiar thing for me, I want that, I crave that and I picked it up.

Cherie Young: Right.

Erica Eriksdotter: That feeling of being tips stayed on until I released him. I can’t remember if I released him on my own or with you. But, I think I did it on my own.

Cherie Young: Yeah. This happens. People who have passed and they’re alcoholics and substance abusers this is a horrible, horrible disease. If they haven’t healed it, there are some who find themselves on the other side just with the cravings and have trouble keeping…

Erica Eriksdotter: Be between sides..

Cherie Young: In between, so they haven’t gone to the light yet.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: Then, they will hang out at bars. And, why do you think we call drinks spirits?

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing]

Cherie Young: Even in our language we reflect that this is a common and yet not so common phenomenon.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah. It is quite interesting and luckily that was an easy fix but, like you said earlier, it can be more, you know I’ve had where I don’t recognize my thoughts.

Cherie Young: Mmm, hmm.

Erica Eriksdotter: I usually don’t think like this. Or, you know, it’s just another…After doing so many workshops, so many hundreds of hours of training, you just identify and you recognize, hmmm, you know yourself that you’re like, hmm, this doesn’t sound right.

Cherie Young: I’m glad that you mentioned that because it is part of the practice to be witness to yourself and what and as soon as you find yourself, I don’t have thoughts, I don’t have catastrophic thoughts and I don’t have high anxiety over putting cream in my coffee instead of milk.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: What’s going on here. I always ask, as soon as you wake up from the dream and you realize something’s going on, then you know. You’re waking up and you’re becoming enlightened when you can really witness yourself in this way. It’s an ongoing journey but it’s worth it.

Erica Eriksdotter: So, during this whole time we’ve been talking, we’ve shown various different examples. We’ve shown the more, unfortunately very common, but more extreme, I don’t want to judge it by saying extreme, but like more advanced cases that you’ve dealt with where you know there’s actually people can no longer go into a room or sleep in their house or have guests over. We’ve talked about the land that it doesn’t have to be a physical structure.

Cherie Young: Right.

Erica Eriksdotter: That it can be, you can be walking across a field and you go Wfhoo! What is going on? It can be the…

Cherie Young: Correct.

Erica Eriksdotter: The pain of that physical geographical point.

Cherie Young: Then imagine building a house on that land.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yes.

Cherie Young: Not being conscious of what you’re seeing there.

Erica Eriksdotter: It can be enjoying a beer in a pub…

Cherie Young: Yes.

Erica Eriksdotter: and your being affected bringing it home to your home. It can stay in your home if it’s not attached to you, but it can also be in your home.

Cherie Young: It influences and it’s like if you’ve ever lived with a roommate, which I have. The ones that you love, they’re still taking up space, they influence you greatly.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Cherie Young: So, imagine having an uninvited guest that’s taking up space and their influencing you whether you are conscious of it or not. Just the way you said you were so lethargic.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: It was difficult for you even to go in your office.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: So, this is…

Erica Eriksdotter: That was just, I luckily recognized that after just a week or so.

Cherie Young: Thank goodness.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mostly because I have your number. [laughing]

Cherie Young: [laughing] I’ve got your number [singing]

Erica Eriksdotter: So, before I want share with the listeners what the step by step by process is to connect with you, if they want to reach out to you.

Cherie Young: Sure.

Erica Eriksdotter: I also want to bring up you mentioned the example of that it is absolutely not healthy to like spirits, the discarnates that are in your home. However, if it is your grandmother…

Cherie Young: Oh, I’m glad you brought this up.

  1. But what about our loved ones who have passed? [00:41:14] 

Erica Eriksdotter: If it is somebody that means so much to you and you enjoy having them, can you tell me that process? Because, of course that is a more healthy relationship.

Cherie Young: Right, and I’m not saying we need to be enemies with anybody in spirit. What I’m saying is there are, if you really have compassion for someone, then you want the best for them and if that spirit is lost and discarnate is someone who has lost their body, right and their in between dimensions. They haven’t gone onto the light, if you will. They haven’t taken that evolutionary step to continue their path in the worlds and they’re literally stuck. So, the difference between discarnet and say, your grandmother, who has passed on. She’s gone into the light, she’s continued her evolutionary path, whether that was schooling or heaven or all combinations therefore.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm. Or like my dad, who’s the busy bee on the other side.

Cherie Young: Yes, exactly. They act like a passport. There are windows that they can actually come here in this dimension and visit and support you. They kind of, it’s a little taxing for them, but they can do it.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Cherie Young: They will pick and chose, like family celebrations, a loved one will come back because they want to be at the wedding or the birth of a child or something like this. They will be present and several members of the family will say, ‘Oh my gosh, did you feel him?’ and there’s no denying that presence.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Cherie Young: You have a very close relationship with someone, you could close your eyes and you know that they’re standing next to you. So, that’s fine, they’ve got a passport.

Erica Eriksdotter: They have crossed over, so to say.

Cherie Young: Right.

Erica Eriksdotter: They went through the light, they had a very purposeful way of passing when they passed. They are following their evolution of the soul and then they are coming for visits. Discarnate, unfortunately, got stuck as they were passing.

Cherie Young: Correct.

Erica Eriksdotter: For whatever reason and is in between dimensions and that is what you help them with to cross over so they can continue their soulful evolution and follow the purpose of that..

Cherie Young I n the grand scheme of things, in the creative order, exactly. The old school movie, Ghost, kind of got it right in those terms. Do you remember watching that movie?

[00:44:14]  Ghost

Erica Eriksdotter: Wait, with Patrick Swayze?

Cherie Young: With Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore?

Erica Eriksdotter: And uh..

Cherie Young: Whoopi Goldberg.

Erica Eriksdotter: Whoopi Goldberg. Yeah.

Cherie Young: I mean some of the stuff on that, they got it right.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: A lot of how this stuff kind of works. Don’t get me started about some of the other sensational movies that just go overboard. I’m like, THAT’S NOT WHAT IT’S LIKE [emphatically]

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing] So, yes, you could probably come back and talk about aspects of certain movies and the pop culture and what they actually do get right. There are so many actually very spiritual movies out there that millions of people have watched, not realizing that’s its actually…

Cherie Young: Right and notice…

Erica Eriksdotter: They love it because of the truth, they just recognize the truth in there.

Cherie Young: Exactly. We have so much of it now I think because we’re at that point of our consciousness where we want more information around this.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: We know something else is going on.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: We want more information we want to be validated for the experiences that we’ve had that we can’t necessarily document.

Erica Eriksdotter: So, Cherie, do you want to come back and actually, we’ll have a little pop culture thing and we’ll dissect a couple of movies?

Cherie Young: That sounds like fun! Yeah. I say yes to this!

Erica Eriksdotter: The aspect of this movie can correlate to, it would be fun.

Cherie Young: That would be fun! I think that would be interesting.

Erica Eriksdotter: You are not allowed to quote any of the movies. [laughing]

Cherie Young: Wow! Okay!

Erica Eriksdotter: So, Cherie quotes, she will quote movies and she will start suddenly start dancing and singing and her workshops are very entertaining. I bet I can’t keep you from quoting, but, we’ll see what happens.

Cherie Young: We’ll have to make a little wager.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yes. So, the step by step, real quick.

Cherie Young: Okay, if somebody wants to contact me…

Erica Eriksdotter: If somebody recognizes that this is for them.

Cherie Young: They can just contact me through Facebook and my phone number is on my Facebook page.

Erica Eriksdotter: You have various ways of connecting.

Cherie Young: OH!! So, when you call me…

Erica Eriksdotter: We’ll put how to reach out to you in the show notes and we’ll mention them later.

Cherie Young: Oh, okay.

Erica Eriksdotter:  Specifically, how do you make this happen?

Cherie Young: They can call me and we’ll have a conversation around it first and we will actually determine if they want me to come to their home or if in fact I can do this via the phone. We can make that determination within five minutes on the phone. Normally, I would go to the home and it would take anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours. I always say no animals will be harmed. I don’t often bring rattles so don’t be afraid of that.

Erica Eriksdotter: There’s no show.

Cherie Young: There’s no show. It’s a very sacred and succinct process. Although, by the time some people get to me they tell me, I’ve said this to clients, I don’t care if you bring a cow in my front yard, if you can do this, I want you here.

Erica Eriksdotter: You bring up animals, it’s very important that pets are in the house.

Cherie Young: It is very important because they can also have attachments and they also get freaked out by these uninvited guests on a regular basis. I had one home that the dog was trying to protect the family from the entity and it was causing him to have behavioral issues. So, people who go and take their obedience school, it’s not going to help a whole lot if you got somebody hanging out in your house.

Erica Eriksdotter: Or, if the dog starts barking or something.

Cherie Young: Exactly. So, yes, just call and/or text and we’ll have a conversation. If I can do it by phone we’ll determine that in the first conversation and we can take care of it then. If not, I’ll come to the home and everybody in the house will get a healing. I usually sort of give them instructions or a teaching around how to stay clean psychically, psychic hygiene. Any reflective surface in your home is a portal and how to take care of that.

Erica Eriksdotter: The house cleansing can be a house cleansing it doesn’t have to lead to more but many of the clients you have also visited for a house cleansing has felt that it was such a huge change that they have started seeing you in one-on-one or joined your workshops.

Cherie Young: That’s absolutely correct. Their experience was transformative for them and they felt they wanted more.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Cherie Young: More information, more enlightened. It’s very empowering when we grasp something that we kind of have a little bit of psychic peekaboo about and then we get validated and then we begin to grow in our trust of this other phenomenon that we all have. We’re all psychic, everybody is.

Erica Eriksdotter: So, where can people find you, Cherie? We’ve already talked about your services. Are you local?

Cherie Young: I have a website and I have a Facebook page. My website is

Erica Eriksdotter: That’s a pretty long one.

Cherie Young: Yes.

Erica Eriksdotter: We’ll link to it in the show notes for sure so you guys who are listening, you can visit that. You also have a Facebook page.

Cherie Young: Divine Transformation Ministries.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yes, so it’s We’ll link to that one as well.

Cherie Young: And, my email is

Erica Eriksdotter: Great. We already talked about what you do. You have the one on ones, the workshops.

Cherie Young: I do one on one healings

Erica Eriksdotter: You have done workshops in Spain.

Cherie Young: Yes.

Erica Eriksdotter: And there may be an upcoming but there are no dates yet whether it be this year or maybe next year.

Cherie Young: Well, we’re working on this spring / summer.

Erica Eriksdotter: 2016?

Cherie Young: Correct. Yeah, I’m going to go out and it’s going to be a 10-day intensive full series of psychic awareness and opening and the web working training as well.

Erica Eriksdotter: Which is the next step.

Cherie Young: Yeah, the advanced healing technique.

Erica Eriksdotter: Alright. Before we wrap up, anything you want to share?

Cherie Young: I’m good.

Erica Eriksdotter: That’s it for this episode. Cheri will be back and talk about how certain aspects from pop culture movies actually have some truth to them so we’ll identify that and talk about it. The next episode will feature another guest, but if you have any question for Cherie, you can contact her directly. You have the ways of connecting with her in the show notes. Or, you can submit questions through the form in the show notes as well or via the hashtag #fikapodcast and we’ll make sure that Cherie gets them. You can find me, Erica, at Join my email list if you want to stay up to date. You can access it at the bottom of my website, and while you’re at it, leave the FIKA podcast and iTunes review. Don’t forget to subscribe too if you want to have them automatically show up on your podcast app and not miss an episode. We greatly appreciate you for listening. Thank you so much wherever you are in the world, we so appreciate you tuning in.

Cherie Young: Thank you so much, Erica for having me.

Erica Eriksdotter: Thank you, Cherie.