004-timetraveling-graphColette Chase is back for the second part of discussing traveling through the dimensions and how to stay in present time. Catch up on the first episode before you have a listen.


  1. Recap of Part 1 [2:22]
  2. Match your pet! [6:05]
  3. Not everyone’s present time matches [6:42]
  4. Time is relevant [10:20]
  5. Don’t get caught in the Mirror of Erised [20:16]
  6. Got a haircut that’s 20 years old? Listen up. [21:13]
  7. Time Travel exercise [23:18]

Show Notes

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Erica Eriksdotter: Hi lovelies!  It’s time for FIKA!  The Swedish word that means bonding and connecting with friends over coffee or tea. This is the place to be for real talks and discussion BOUT everything from healing, fine arts, motherhood, entrepreneurship to health and fitness. The focus, as you know, is connecting the dots through consciousness and elevating how consciousness is directed through each guest’s career and life path. My name is Erica Eriksdotter, born and raised in Sweden and I now live outside of Washington, D.C.  I’m a fine arts painter and owner of Studio Eriksdotter, certified Intra-Dimensional Healer and PR and Social Media Strategist. I’m a modern woman, connected to Self who brings meaning to life through an earth centered truth.

So, today we’re actually, this is Part 2 of our first episode with Colette Chase, talking about time traveling.  And, it was such a fascinating episode, we decided to make this a longer continuation part.  In our first episode we talked about how to stay in present time and discussing the past and the future. We had a little bit of a homework as well.  To say, I AM PRESENT, I AM HERE, I AM NOW for anyone who is wondering if they are in present time or not.  Umm, just a little bit bio connection with Colette.  If this is the first time you’re listening, I would recommend that you listen to Part 1.  But, Colette is a multi-faceted global healer, I am madly in love with her.  You can find her at facebook.com/divinewingministries. She has been my healer and coach since 2009.  She is, uh, while she doesn’t admit to herself that she’s a superwoman, she truly is. She has helped many, many people by introducing and providing holistic health education and advocacy that have been missing in traditional Western Health practices.  So, she is changing lives on a daily basis.

Erica Eriksdotter: Hi Colette!

Colette Chase: Wow, I sound good.

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing] Yeah, you do.

Colette Chase: [laughing]

Erica Eriksdotter:   I kind of what a piece of that.

Colette Chase: Yeah, right?

1. Recap of Part 1 [2:22]

Erica Eriksdotter: Okay, so, um, we talked last about…For anyone who hears about this for the first time, we talked about present, past and the future, etcetera.

Colette Chase: Yes, were talking about past, present and future and dimensional reality. And uh, that we were saying that the past is a dimension unto itself, that the future is a dimension unto itself with its own rules and regulations and frequencies.  And, that you can, there are aspects of you that can do and will travel there, stay there, be there, instead of present time.  And, uh, you can have a various states of imbalance there that will actually be original cause of diseases of certain diseases to be out of time.  That there are certain emotions that will tell you whether or not you’re in present time.  So, for instance, grief and rage, if those are the emotions of the past.  Anxiety, fear, those are emotions of the future. And, um, anger, which a lot of people don’t like to embrace and befriend is actually a emotion of present time.  Because anger is there to tell you that a boundary of yours is being violated and that you need to look at that right now, in the now time and change that up. And, that’s most of the time why we get angry is just because that’s what’s happening with us.  So, that’s kind of like a small recap and like you said, we had ways to stay in present time.  Which was using the I AM. Make that statement, especially if you say it out loud. You can say it in your head if you’re at work. I understand that you can’t just blurt out certain things if you’re in public. But, if you can say it out loud and use your intention, use your will to align yourself to present time and say I AM, HERE I AM, NOW I AM PRESENT. You are using all of you to bring yourself into present time. And, then also, squeezing your rootlock which is squeezing your belly button, your anus and your sex organs, you squeeze in there and that helps you with your physicality and bring you into the seat of who you are while you’re using your intention and the I AM. So, it’s a kind of like a brief little thing we were talking about last time.

Erica Eriksdotter: And, uh, you also mentioned how to consciously look around in your surroundings and notice things and that will help you be in the present time as well.  Are there other things, tips that you can give us?

Colette Chase: Uh, well, we were going to do a little exercise. Ah, in, um, actually creating a timeline and you can actually, physically walk yourself to present time, which we’re going to do. Uh, the other, there’s so many ways to get in to present time that different teachers have taught.  So, if you know a way, and it works for you, then, uh, that’s great. And, you know, offer it up onto the podcast and we can type some of those ways up as well.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yes, absolutely.  Use #fikapodcast on Twitter or Instagram.  Leave a question or a comment on Instagram as well, I’m at Studio Eriksdotter.com

2. Match your pet! [6:05]

Colette Chase: The other way to, is if you have pets, your pets are in present time.

Erica Eriksdotter: Always?

Colette Chase: So, yeah, they are in present time. So, if you get lost, then it’s um, you know out of time, then choose to match your pet in timing. So, you make your intention, you say, I’m going to match my pet in present time and it can help you get back in present time.  The thing to know, is this though, is not everyone’s present time matches.  So, my present time may not be in the same place as your present time, Erica.

3. Not everyone’s present time matches [6:42]

Erica Eriksdotter: Hold on!! What!

Colette Chase: [laughing] Yeah, everybody thinks that present time is this place we wall go to, like a coffee house.

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing] Yes!! Wait, so there’s no present time coffee place?  I’m confused.

Colette Chase: Yeah, remember everyone is a multi-dimensional being. And, their experiencing multi-dimensions at once. And, time doesn’t exist in every dimension. As it does here.  And, so, you know, again it gets a little complex. But, we’re, it’s kind of like a paradox.  We’re all in the same race so to speak, you know, we had different starting points. You know, all of us had different starting points when we were breathed forth from the mouth of God, you know?  Not all of us were breathed forth as, you know, at the same time-frame.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm hmm.

Colette Chase: And, we are all going to finish the race but that doesn’t mean we all finish at the same time. Um, so, we run on different times.  And, our present time may not be the same as other people’s present time.  Because, it depends on our path, our purpose, which dimensions we are using, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So..

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, what happens if you don’t..

Colette Chase: [inaudible]

Erica Eriksdotter: Exactly. Uh, mind officially blown, again and again, again. So, what happens if you never live in present time?

Colette Chase: You never live in present time?

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, if you never…

Colette Chase: If you never live in present time, umm, uh, you’re probably homeless, you’re probably, you know, in a coma.  [laughing] You could be part of the Z nation and a zombie. I mean, I’m kidding, but…

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah

Colette Chase: I do know people who are walking around that are zombie like.  And, they…

Erica Eriksdotter: I mean; I definitely know those people.

Colette Chase: Half kidding there.  But, yeah, in present power is where you are manifesting on a daily basis. So, if you don’t have the things in your life uh, that you want and you’re applying all the, you know, those laws of the universe and things like that.  And you’re wondering why they’re not coming to you, you might want to check where in time you are creating that.  If you are in the past and creating something, where do you think it’s going to manifest? Do you think it’s going to manifest in present time?

Erica Eriksdotter: Don’t they go all Texan on me!

Colette Chase: [laughing] If you are in the future and you are trying to manifest there, you think that’s going to manifest in present time?  The answer again, no. Um, so, part of the, you know, bravery really of being a human being on this planet on the horribly dense planet in this school that we’re in called Earth School.  Is to stay in present time, it’s quite a challenge.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Colette Chase: So, I never say anything about people are out of time.  I don’t say that their bad.  I’m saying they need more practice being in present time. And it takes a good amount of consciousness to do that. Uh, and discipline to stay in present time.

4. Time is relevant [10:20] 

Erica Eriksdotter: Before we go into our little exercise that everyone can do with us, you shared a funny story, at least to me, healer funny. Um, story about, the other day about regarding time is irrelevant, or relevant I should say? I think it was out of the book by Ruth Montgomery, she’s a psychic and author of numerous books on occult and new age subjects I believe..

Colette Chase: Oh, uh huh.

Erica Eriksdotter: Um, do you want to share that with us?

Colette Chase: Well that was way back when I was, oh my gosh, I don’t even know if I was 21 yet. I picked up that little book that she wrote. It was something about, I can’t even remember the exact title, it was like, ‘What happens to Us When We Die’ or something like that. Or ‘Life after Death’ or some quirky little book. And, um, I always remember the little story in there. You know, that these two psychics were friends in on the earth plane and one of them says to the other, “Hey, if I die, I’m going to try and get a message to you and let you know what the afterlife is like.” So, it was kind of like one of her little stories about someone she knew who got in contact with her through this medium, her friend died and one of the things he noticed when he crossed over is he came across this group of people that he didn’t know, but kind of knew and just had this intrinsic you know, knowingness about them and he is trying, still shedding this earth personality and being birthed into spirit.  And, he is walking up and these people turn to him and said, you just left, where’ve you been?  He said What are you talking about, I died in my eighties. You know, I lived like eighty long earth years and…yeah, no a blink of an eye.  Whether that story is true or not, it’s got like an archetypical think that we understand.  Umm, that we have a timelessness about ourselves. Even though, in this existence, time seems to kind of march on in the earth plane. So, it’s paradoxical and I think all of us understand that feeling.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah. So, without going into my next question, I know I am asking a lot here, but let’s try to simplify it. Can you give me past, present, future versus healing a timeline versus past future lives?

Colette Chase: Well, I could, if, are we going to have time to do our little thing? [laughing]

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing] I said simple.

Colette Chase: Okay.

Erica Eriksdotter: One sentence describing each. 

Colette Chase: In one sentence?

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, I know, I know.

Colette Chase: Ok, alright.  What’s the first thing?

Erica Eriksdotter: Past, Present, Future which we’ve been talking about.

Colette Chase: Present time is, uh, in every dimension. Present time encompasses past and future. Um, however, it is the now.  There is no ow in the now.  It’s like a little phrase I heard one time that I thought was kind of cute. So, in present time that’s where you are manifesting at any given moment, you are co-creating with God the now and you are doing that in multiple dimensions. Ah, in the now.  As far as dimensional reality, past is a dimension unto itself, and future is a dimension unto itself and they are neighbors, okay, of each other and you travel in and out of there without even realizing it.

Erica Eriksdotter: Then, versus healing a timeline.

Colette Chase: Healing a timeline, that would be either you or we’re going to do that little exercise is that the timeline healing and you are actually time traveling.  I know it seems like it is a very simple process that you are doing but you are time travelling. People think this is all made up but, it’s you know. Sometimes I laugh and go, “Well, what isn’t all made up?” All of this reality is made up.

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing]

Colette Chase: So, if you’re banking on this reality as it being the real thing, then you have another thing coming. [laughing]

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing]

Colette Chase: Cause we’re all making it up honey. okay? Um, what was the last thing?

Erica Eriksdotter: So, healing a timeline, you actually go into your past life to heal.  You don’t go into the past dimension.

Colette Chase: Hmm, Well, I’m not going to teach that.

Erica Eriksdotter: Okay.

Colette Chase: I will tell that if you want to know how to do and how to heal along the timeline, if you want to know that information, I’m available of a teacher of that. But, it would be reckless of me to start talking about how you access that without you know, over the airways, without me being able to rescue you. Because I will tell you that these dimensions are a real place. And, they do have a connection to the physical body and um, if you go off in dimensional reality and you can’t find your way back, then you’re in trouble.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Colette Chase: Right, and so I’m going to refrain from that because I want to be a responsible person.  But, uh, there are several ways that you can heal along the timeline and people do this a lot, intrinsically, within their own selves.  It’s part of self-healing.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm. Hmm.

Colette Chase: But, you can be very specific and you can do this great, with great impact for people. So, when people say you “Oh, you can’t go back and change the past”, that is a lie.  You can go back and change the past.  You might not be able to change exact events that occurred, but you can take the sting out. You might not, I have seen instances where a spirit has moved in and taken the whole memory of the event out of a person.  The person all of a sudden can’t remember the trauma that happened.  So, they have actually cut the memory out of the webbing. So, uh, you know, I’m talking about real things here.  I’m not talking about, you know, made up stuff or airy, fairy stuff or new age thinking stuff.  When people use that to diminish what people are trying to say. I’m using that as, you know, when people do that.  Not that I think any of those things are a bad thing.  But, you have to have responsibility when you’re traveling in the dimensions. You have to be aware and that’s part of your responsibility.

Erica Eriksdotter: Absolutely, I agree and knowing the etiquette and protocol when doing any form of healing or living your life.

Colette Chase: Or living your life. Being conscious, being aware that you are multi-dimensional. That is your responsibility. You are responsible for that.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah

Colette Chase: And, if you don’t know what you’re doing, then get yourself to a place where someone knows what’s going on where they can help you.  Which would be like a mentor type of student-mentor thing.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, mmm.

Colette Chase: Any time that you have ever said to the universe I want to be the best at…

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing]

Colette Chase: Healer, musician or a doctor, or you know.  Politician, god, have you ever said that?

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing]

Colette Chase: You know, if you say that, whatever is not in mastery in yourself will rise up and not all of that is in third dimension.

Erica Eriksdotter: Oh, and let’s say third dimension is here.

Colette Chase: Yeah, we’re saying third dimensional reality is earth plane reality.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Colette Chase: Yeah, I know there is a lot of talk about the Earth going from third to fourth dimension, I’m not talking about that right now.  Uh, there are a lot of different models.  So, what I’m talking about when I say third dimension, I’m talking about Earth plane reality.

Erica Eriksdotter: So, just to touch back on past, present and future versus healing a timeline versus past and future life. So, can you just give me a sentence on past and future life? So, past life…

Colette Chase: It’s the same thing. Okay?  All your past exists, uh, your past lives and what not, you can access them in the past dimension obviously.  Now, I wouldn’t because this present life is enough for you right now to deal with. Your karma that you brought into this present life that presses on you 24/7 throughout your whole life, I’m telling you is enough. Uh, the only time I really go to access past lives for people is if it has a very direct relevancy to the present time and their health.  So, like I don’t go into the past and look at, ah, stuff for entertainment.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

5. Don’t get caught in the Mirror of Erised [20:16]

Colette Chase: Because there is a cost of going in and out of these dimensions.  There’s a cost. And, you can get caught up in some of the stuff. Remember, anyone that is a Harry Potter fan.  He comes across that mirror in the attic. He sits in front of it and he can see his dead mom and dad? I forgot what that mirror is called.  It has some kind of fancy, schmancy name. Anyway, he gets addicted to that because he is accessing the past. It’s a great, great symbol that we have of past dimension.  So, basically, he’s sitting in the past, that doorway and he’s seeing his dead parents and he’s making that his reality.  And, his grades start failing, he starts not socializing with people, you know? He starts becoming addicted to going and seeing his parents in that mirror and being a part of a family again.  And, that is a great example of what people do in this dimension.  They go back, and they want to repeat something or the have a, umm…Have you seen people that are caught in that hairstyle? Uh, that was 20 years ago?

6. Got a haircut that’s 20 years old? Listen up. [21:13]

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing] Yes!

Colette Chase: That is a kind of an MO to say that there are aspects of them that are stuck in a time when they felt really good about themselves.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, and then you have the whole discussion about, well if they do a makeover on their body with new fresh, new hairdo, and clothes.

Colette Chase: Brings them into present time.  Want to get into present time?  Go get a makeover. Why do you think all these makeover shows are popular? And everybody bursts out crying into tears?

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing]

Colette Chase: Because, you see, I’m not kidding.  These people come out of the past and into present time.

Erica Eriksdotter: Really?

Colette Chase: Oh my god! Yes! So, that action, of going over that whole makeover and do you see how emotional everybody gets? Oh my god, they’re so afraid to let go of the old clothes and the old hairstyle and the old way of doing things. Their so, what’s the word, invested in that time frame.  Their so marking that time, they’re so living there and sometimes those makeovers totally disrupts them.  They get so upset about it.  Changing their hair color, cutting their hair off.  You know, when you cut your hair off, you’re cutting the past off. So, you know, yeah, getting a makeover that will help bring you into present time.

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing] And then you gotta stay there.

Colette Chase: And then you gotta stay there. yeah, your job is to stay there.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Colette Chase: Right. 5 years later I want to see that makeover on you.

Erica Eriksdotter: [laughing] Ahhhhh…. so Colette will be answering your questions during upcoming episodes. So, submit your questions with the fikapodcast hashtag on Twitter or via the link in the show notes. So, we’d love to hear from you and I know that Colette would love to answer all your questions.

Colette Chase: I would do an episode of questions. Q&A, I think that’s fun. People come up with all kinds of stuff.

7. Time Travel exercise [23:18]

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, and uh, I had one more question, but I guess, umm…

Colette Chase: I think we should do the exercise.

Erica Eriksdotter: Do the exercise.

Colette Chase: Uh Huh. Do you have a lead in for that?

Erica Eriksdotter: No, I don’t. I was just handing it over to you.

Colette Chase: So, let’s actually do some time travel then.  Because we promised to do that the last show. And, so let’s get to that and let’s do some serious time travel. So, Erica, do you want to be my guinea body?

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, I don’t think I have much of a choice to be honest, but, I’m always your student.

Colette Chase: Always up for a challenge!

Erica Eriksdotter: Oh, okay. Alright.

Colette Chase:  This shouldn’t be too challenging for you.  So, Erica is actually going to do all of the steps that I am like speaking out loud.  Because, when she is doing it, she’s going to be holding space for the energy.  What that means is, is no matter when this podcast was recorded, or when it’s aired or no matter when it gets clicked on in the future, that space that’s being held is accessibility is accessible to the listener.  And, that holding space is a multi-dimensional um, practice of holding energy in a place that you can access becomes a point of power.  So, that’s what we are kind of setting up here today.  So, whenever you are going to listen to this, it’s not just listening with your ears, it’s listening with your being. It’s picking this up with your aura, it’s less about my words and less about the technique and more about the energy and the intention that is being set.  So, don’t get to mental when you do this exercise, it’s more of a beinginess and a discipline.  So, that being said, Erica, what I’d like you to do, is where you’re at, I’d like you to get grounded which is connecting to, we can do a whole show on this, is connected to your God source that is physical.  I like to use the Earth the God head that is feminine and physical and earthly and you can connect to the center of that anchor there. And, then connect to your source that is heavenly, whatever that looks like to you. And you can connect and anchor there. And then find the center between those two places and then widen out. You know, a lot of people are too skinny energetically so when I say widen the width of yourself, I mean, intend that you encompass an area that is at least city – wide.  Whatever city that your in. That your presence extends to the boundaries of your city and you are anchored between the God Head that is physical and the God Head that is heavenly. And you are in the center between those two places and take a breath.

Erica Eriksdotter: And, we should probably also mention that anyone doing this, please don’t be driving.

Colette Chase: Yeah! Don’t time travel while you’re driving. That’s ah, rule number 1.

Erica Eriksdotter:  And, uh, no alcohol at the moment.

Colette Chase: No alcohol, this is not a party trick. Yes, I agree. So, after you do your ground source center, then what I would like to invite you to do is, Erica and listeners, go ahead, on the floor between your legs, I would like you to intend and create a linear timeline.  I know that time is not necessarily always linear, but for this exercise we’re going to make it linear.  And, uh, as you are standing on this line, Erica, you can see that it runs out in front of you, infinitely, this linear line.  Uh, and that is the direction of your future out in front of you.  If you look over your shoulder or your turn around, you can see that that line extends in the opposite direction infinitely into your past.  And, I’d like you to be facing towards your future and when you’re looking at your timeline now Erica, I want you to go ahead and hold space.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, Hmm.

Colette Chase: That is so, that is happening and that you have access to your timeline, which you do.  And, I’m going to ask you to sense where present time is on your timeline.  If you are a visual person, then you can ask the timeline to light up where you see present time is.  If you are a feeler, an empath, you can start walking physically walking up and down the timeline until where you feel present time is.  If you are a knower, just go to the place where present time is. You just know it.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, and I’m taking a foot-long step, I would say, into the future that’s where I feel my present time is.

Colette Chase: Okay, so that tells you, you were just slightly in the past.

Erica Eriksdotter: Correct.

Colette Chase: That your alignment was not quite in present time. And, then what I’d like you to do, that is very impactful right there, is notice how you were feeling in the past.  Notice your body sensations, how were there.  And, notice how you’re feeling now and what the differences there. Just by moving on your timeline to present time.

Erica Eriksdotter: Um, if the body feels more stable, feels more connected to the floor.

Colette Chase: Mmm. Hmm.

Erica Eriksdotter: More certain.

Colette Chase: Mmm. Hmm.

Erica Eriksdotter: More knowing in my body and more confident.

Colette Chase: Ah ha!  So, you, listeners you could be having these same feelings or you could be having additional feelings or having no feeling because maybe your numb.  That’s okay, don’t judge yourself.  Uh, it’s just a simple notice, you know. Generally, people feel better when they move to present time, so that’s what generally happens.  So you should feel better.

Erica Eriksdotter: And, there have been times where I’ve had to take a much longer step.

Colette Chase: Hmmm, hmmm.  And there’s probably times when you had to take a step back because you were in the future.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, Yeah.

Colette Chase: You were in the future. So, again, don’t judge yourself.  Where you started, where you ended up it’s not a judgement of good or bad, it’s just a judgement of where are you at.  It’s not even judgment, it’s an assessment of where you are at.  You have to know where you’re at to be a good co-creator.  So, uh, this particular timeline, what I’d like to do is just a do a exercise to lower anxiety because a lot of people have anxiety.  And, what I’d like you to do Erica, and you don’t have to share it with all of us, but think about something that might be coming up in your future that you might have anxiety over. An event or whatever it is. Uh, maybe even going to the dentist, a lot of people have anxiety on that. Ah, but think about that event and notice where it is on your timeline in the future which would be in front of you and go ahead and walk your timeline where that event exists on your timeline.  So, you’re going to walk from present time, to that event.

Erica Eriksdotter: Okay, so I’m, um, it’s actually a little further out, so I’m going to do my best to unplug my headphones and see if the mic will still pick up so I apologize for any technologies ahead of time.

Colette Chase: Here’s what I do instead.

Erica Eriksdotter: Okay.

Colette Chase: Go ahead and keep your mic plugged in.  What you’re going to do is, I have like an escalator. Your timeline moves for you. You stand still.

Erica Eriksdotter: Okay, let’s do that.

Colette Chase: And, the timeline will move towards the past like an escalator and you will simply be on that dot.  Because sometimes people..some of our listeners like don’t have a huge amount of floor space to work with either.

Erica Eriksdotter: That’s true. Or, they might be sitting at their desks.

Colette Chase: Or they can’t walk.  Maybe they’re in a wheelchair or they’re in pain and they need to be sitting so don’t worry about that.  You just have your timeline move instead of you.

Erica Eriksdotter: So, yes, my timeline has moved, I’m now at that little bump in the future.

Colette Chase: Mmm, hmm.  A bump that you felt probably because you’re an empath.

Erica Eriksdotter:  Yes! [laughing]

Colette Chase: Okay, so then notice how your body feels.  Notice the difference between where you were, how you feel now.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah, my shoulders and upper body are crawling a little bit.  The skin’s crawling a little bit.

Colette Chase: Okay. And then what about your mental body?  Is it active, too active, cloudy, jumbly what’s going on there?

Erica Eriksdotter: Ehh, active I would say a little bit more.  Like my eyes are just going all over the room at the moment.

Colette Chase: Which would be a symptom of anxiety.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yep.

Colette Chase: So, just notice that this is what’s happening because this event is really occurring.  There is a part of you that has traveled to the future. Dah Dah Daaah! And is now feeling what’s going on. So, now what I’d like you to do Erica, is I want you to have your timeline…for those of you are walking and have space, go ahead and walk into your future.  For those of you who have your timeline moving, just have your timeline move. Um, and go to the place where everything is resolved that is relevant to this event. You’ve worked through every emotional piece, every mental piece.  Your spiritual service and karma if there is some on there. You know, the resolution is there.  Physically, you’re safe.  So, go to that place in your future.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yep.

Colette Chase: Alright, and, what’s the difference?

Erica Eriksdotter: I feel, uh, relaxed.  I feel almost sleepy.  Because I feel like I have gone through a stressful situation and now I’m taking deep breaths.  I feel relaxed.

Colette Chase: How’s the eye tracking and the mental stuff?

Erica Eriksdotter: Everything has slowed down to a normal pace, almost sleepy pace. But, not, to, I mean, I just feel relaxed.

Colette Chase: Relaxed and neutral.

Erica Eriksdotter: Neutral, yeah.

Colette Chase: Right, and that’s the feeling that you want.  For those of you who have moved to a place in your future and you don’t have that neutral feeling, then you need to go further into the future until you have that neutral feeling.  That’s what you want in and it’s typical with doing this particular work, is that you will come to a place of neutrality.  So, what I’m going to invite you to do is, invite you to suck all that in, suck all that up, take all that neutrality with you, um.  Keep that in your cellular memory and then what I’d like you to do is walk back to present time. Walk back, um, when I was saying walk back, I am also including those of you who are not walking. So if your timeline slides underneath your feet till your present time is underneath your feet.  And then use the I AM.  I AM HERE.  I AM NOW.  I AM PRESENT.  Squeeze your rootlock. Really come into present time.  The other thing you can do too; is you can say the date.  I’m not going to say the particular date of today just in case you’re listening to this particular podcast on a different date.  Cause I don’t want to put you in the past. Where you say whatever day’s date is, I AM HERE, I AM NOW, I AM PRESENT.  Okay, good.  You can also reground, resource, re-center because sometimes time travel does throw you off of that alignment.  And, then Erica, just put your mind to that future event.  Don’t go there, don’t call it to you, just put your mind in that future event that you had anxiety on and what’s the difference starting off thinking about it and now thinking about that event?

Erica Eriksdotter: I just feel very confident that I will, that it will be, it will that I will feel calm and confident about that event.  Which sounds so silly.  Really!  I’m hearing myself and i have done this so many times.  But ,it’s still like ooohhh, of course she’s feeling great now about the event.

Colette Chase: exactly, because people are addicted to doing it the hard way.  And, also they have this preconceived notion that traveling through the dimensions is somehow this hard thing that you must do or it has some kind of phenomena event attached to it like they see in the movies. Yeah, I’m telling you, taking a breath.  You don’t really think about taking a breath, but if you breathe you know taking a breath at the moment you were in that inhale, you can travel through several dimensions just like that. And, the moment you exhale, you can travel through several more dimensions. So, dimensional travel is easy.  Because it is our nature.  It is our inherent nature. It is what we already are.  So, it’s not hard. And, your mental body, like everyone else’s says this is ridiculous, this is not real, this is whatever and that’s what talks you out of being who you really are.

Erica Eriksdotter: Mmm, hmm.

Colette Chase: The thing is this.  Your mental body can say all it wants to say but your emotional body is telling you what?

Erica Eriksdotter: I feel great.

Colette Chase: Your neutral.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah

Colette Chase: So, something happened there.  And, it’s not me putting some kind of preconceived notion in your head.  All I asked you at any given point, was what’s different.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yeah.

Colette Chase: Um, so this is what happens.  Like, when you are being introduced to this particular um way of doing dimensions, especially with time. Um, you realize how easy it is to slip in and out. Um, one of the reasons why you are feeling neutral is because you actually did travel to the future.  You actually did experience the event on some level and you actually did go more into the future where it was resolved and you brought that information back to present time. So, you actually did do time travel.  You can do that in the past as well.  That’s not something we’re going to do today. You can heal the past that way as well.  Generally, you are taking something with you to the past to heal that.  Or you are bringing the past up to meet you where there’s healing. So, but for this particular thing this is for healing anxiety which most people do. So, if you have that public speaking engagement coming up. If you have that interview coming up, if you have that presentation to give, if you’re a student and you’ve got a test that’s coming up. Any kind of event that is important to you that you have coming up, you walk your timeline in the way we just did and it will significantly lower your anxiety.

Erica Eriksdotter: And this is, you can do this, you can play back this recording whenever you want. This is not a one-time thing.  You can do it anytime you have an upcoming event that you’re feeling a little nervous ahead of time.  So, you can playback this recording and do this timeline healing again.

Colette Chase: Exactly.

Erica Eriksdotter: So, we’re actually at 42 minutes Colette.

Colette Chase: [laughing]

Erica Eriksdotter: That flew by.  So where can people find you and what services do you provide for that might interest our listeners?

Colette Chase: Most of the stuff I’m doing right now is one-on-one teaching. Um, I do some healing still, so I won’t turn people away if they’re dealing with that.  Most of my focus is on teaching these days. Like a mentor-teacher type thing. You can reach me through the website, email and Twitter account that you posted um in your notes, if you can tweet me @chaseingrace. You can reach me at my email crchase7@gmail.com or on Facebook with the addition of divinewing ministries. Um, forward slash I believe it is.

Erica Eriksdotter: Yep, forward slash.

Colette Chase: Forward slash, good. All those places you can reach me and just simply get in touch with me and we can go from there.

Erica Eriksdotter: Great.  And as a reminder, Colette will be back on a regular basis.  If you have any questions you would like to ask her, please submit them by using #fikapodcast or via the link in the show notes. There’s a form that you can fill out and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and we’d love to hear from you. So, alright, that is Part 2 of the Time Traveling episode with Colette Chase.  The next episode will feature another guest, but like I said, Colette will be back, so submit your questions.  You can find me, Erica, at studioeriksdotter.com and Colette’s at facebook.com/divinewingministries and at Twitter @chaseingrace.  Join my email list to stay up to date.  Because Facebook with all the changes that you can barely reach people anymore.  You can access this at the bottom of my website.  And, while you’re online, please feel free to give us a review on iTunes for the Fika Podcast. Don’t forget to subscribe to iTunes so you don’t miss an episode, we greatly appreciate it. Thanks for listening and thank you, Colette!

Colette Chase: Thank you so much for having me. I always appreciate your show and this platform so thank you so much for the invitation.

Erica Eriksdotter: Thank you! Bye!

Colette Chase: Bye!