Craft 2011 _300x250

SHOW HOURS: Saturday, 10am-6pm; Sunday, 11am-4pm

Art season is finally here for me and that means that for the next eight months I’ll be busy participating in art shows, and I’m kicking it off in Fredericksburg, Virginia this weekend. I hope the 14 paintings I’ve been busy reproducing as prints will be well received… it’s the first time I’m bringing prints and it’s always a little nervous to see how things are received. It’s definitely been a lot of work getting them ready – from photographing to matting. Everything takes hours. Wish me luck!

I’m not bringing all my paintings as I don’t have space for them all, and I haven’t decided yet which ones get to stay home. But I am taking all my note cards for sure.

For those of you who plan to come out and enjoy the day at the faire, here’s a treat – a $2 dollar off coupons of the $5 admissions fee! Just print this out and hand it to the person at the entrance.

{print and bring to the show and get $2 off admission}

For more information about the show and driving directions, please click here.