I’m always amazed by how much thought my husband puts into my gifts. He’s always been able to remember things I’ve wanted, matched the wrapping paper with the bag or picked wonderful gift with a meaning or theme to them. Last year, for my 30th, he handed me an envelop telling me to pack my overnight bag. He wisked me away for the night and the envelopes kept coming! This year wasn’t any different, and he put a very thoughtful spin on my birthday flowers, even with his hip surgery just a few days before.

I had already gotten my actual gift – a cow hide zebra print rug for the diningroom! (Just to clarify, it was a South American cow, not a zebra. The cats love it. The rug looks like this but the stripes are sand colored and not black). Then on Saturday, I got the above amazing flowers delivered. Since he couldn’t drive after the surgery (or walk) he had arranged this earlier in the week. They weren’t blooming when they arrived but they started blossoming the next day (no delivery on Sundays) and I realized the blue iris and the yellow lilies created the Swedish colors! He had left that as a surprise. I loved how he had brought me a little bit of Sweden on my birthday. Adorable.


{Sage, Thyme and Rosemary}

There are many bouquets of flowers around the house right now, both birthday bouquets and ‘Get well’ bouquets. But only three little pots has anything growing in them.

Last year for Christmas, I got this beautiful herb set from one of my sisters. It’s a ready-set so it came with the dirt, the seeds, sticks and an adorable herb cutter. I should have planted these months ago but it wasn’t until the initiative from my mom a few days ago that I finally did (we did it together). For loving a gift so much I have no idea why I waited so long!

Now these three pots are standing on the window sill in my studio and I can watch when the sage, thyme and the rosemary are growing. I look forward to using them when we cook. I love having fresh herbs at hand.