Linn, Sara & Erica - friends forever

This year, I’ve known these two amazing women, sisters Linn and Sara, for 20 years. We met at 13 and have been close friends ever since.

The black and white photo was taken during a winter break when I was learning how photograph and develop film (hence the ‘not in focus’). It was shot on the frozen lake outside of their home. Fast forward 13 years when the top photo was taken at Linn’s wedding in 2009.  I feel so honored to have these two in my life – and their parents and now their respective families. I wish I could visit them, and Sweden more often…

I’m blessed to have a few very close friends in Sweden. We stick together through thick and thin. Thank god for all the wonderful technology these days where we can stay updated on the daily stuff without being in the same city or even on the same continent. I love receiving texts from them, seeing fb posts and instagram images of their days and skyping when our schedules allows. Friends who understand you, at times better than you do yourself  are key I feel for a happy and successful life.

*Top photo by the wonderful Marias of Sweden.