Here’s a wonderful and special way you can give a pet portrait to a darling family member this holiday season. My new “gift card” is in book form! Order a pet portrait and you will receive this book (for free) to give as the holiday gift. Your loved one will unwrap the gift, read my little note and handwritten personal message (to be added separately for each gift), flip through it and get excited about your wonderful and personal gift.  Since I’ve already penciled you in in my schedule, the book serves as the placeholder until the painting is finished.

A Gift for You - Studio Eriksdotter gift card book, front cover

A Gift for You – Studio Eriksdotter gift card book, front cover

Gift Book - screenshot 1

Hello from the painter.

Gift Book - screenshot 1

Several photos of my pet portraits are included in this glossy ‘gift book’.

Gift Book - screenshot 3

The back includes my bio.

Your ‘gift card book’ will arrive gift wrapped and ready to give. I’ll ship it with USPS Priority Mail as soon as you’ve ordered your pet portrait.

So why give a book instead of an actual painting? I get so many requests for custom orders the months leading up to Christmas, but since I tend to be booked up at least 6 months in advance I’ve sadly had to turn down the honor of being a part of these amazingly thoughtful holiday gifts. I love my customers and giving a pet portrait of a family pet, or a furry friend that recently passed away, is such a beautiful gift, I wanted  to figure out a way to make this happen. By giving this “A Gift for You” book you still get to give a very unique gift for the holidays and the recipient will understand how special your gift is.

What do you think? Do you love this idea?